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KARA (@karagefrom)
karagefrom05.06.2019 15:29:41

Congrats Lakey!!!! We’re all so proud!!! ✨

mikemaxson05.06.2019 15:47:37


Doug Pae (@dpsurf)
dpsurf05.06.2019 16:24:55

Congratulations!! You were crushing it out there!! 🤙

clifbar (@clifbar)
clifbar05.06.2019 16:33:41


Sam Schuck (@sambonisian_579)
sambonisian_57905.06.2019 17:34:08

Congrats you were killing it! Good job!!🤙🏽💪🏽

sevenseassurfer05.06.2019 18:05:52


Mike Coots (@mikecoots)
mikecoots05.06.2019 18:56:36

Yew congrats Lakey!!!!!!!

Nathen Moffett (@natemoffett33)
natemoffett3305.06.2019 19:36:08


shlens (@shlens)
shlens05.06.2019 19:42:24

#powerbroker  ! Way to go @lakeypeterson  ! So stoked for you.

Renata Erdei (@nailsbyrenataerdei)
nailsbyrenataerdei05.06.2019 20:29:10


GoPro (@gopro)
gopro05.06.2019 21:52:44

Congratulations, Lakey 🤙

Bruce ODonnell (@beachbum93013)
beachbum9301305.06.2019 23:36:04

Sick win Lakey!!! 93013!!!

Richard Hallman (@richardhallman_photo)
richardhallman_photo05.06.2019 23:36:59

Nicely Done 🙏🏽❤️🙌🏽

Craig Sapwell (@freshsappeas)
freshsappeas05.06.2019 23:54:51

@thomas_allan  I think she means she couldn’t do it without you. I hope 🤞

T I A N A🌵 (@tiny__tiana)
tiny__tiana06.06.2019 00:08:02

Yes Lakey!!

EnvirOBX (@envirobx)
envirobx06.06.2019 00:09:29

Ripping 🤙🏽🔥

Kerri Emmons (@motherof3beauties)
motherof3beauties06.06.2019 00:15:14

So rad!!! Congrats!!!

Steve Fairbrother (@fairbro4)
fairbro406.06.2019 01:24:31

Solid performance Lakey!!! Congrats!

ezbowen (@ezbowen)
ezbowen06.06.2019 07:07:18

So gorgeous t see you win in the West and our backyard -so absolutely well deserved and stoked for u and your team @lakeypeterson  x

Antonio Afonso (@afonso45antonio)
afonso45antonio07.06.2019 19:25:06

Congratulations 👍👊 big kiss from Portugal ☝ can't wait to see you surfing here ✌

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