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✖️I actually took this shot with my mobile phone and edited it with adobe lightr
✖️I actually took this shot with my mobile phone and edited it with adobe lightroom and photoshop! The before and after edit is in my story. I also had my fujifilm xt2 camera with my standard zoom 18-55mm f 2.8 - f 4 in my backpack. We were searching for my drone in deep powder and I was checking my mobile phone for the exact GPS coordinates. As my girlfriend and tanja were following me in the snowy winter wonderland I quickly took this shot without the intention of posting it on instagram. As I checked the photos today on my phone I thought that with some editing it could be a quite nice shot and it is in my opinion. I really like the natural smiles of them and the sun between the tree. I imported it in lightroom and started editing. First of all I put my own orange and teal preset over it and made some fine tuning with the shadows, colors and the saturation. I played a bit with the lights and clarity to get the most out of the shot. After I was happy with the result I imported the file into photoshop for some editing too. I started with adding a light lens flare which is preset in photoshop. As there were some deep foot prints from me and a friend in front of them I took the stamp tool to fill the foot prints with some fresh good looking snow from above them. Then I added some saturation onto their googles to get some more attention on the fresh colors. As you can see you don’t always need an expensive equipment to get some nice shots. More important is the post production and the editing. Try some different settings to find the best results for yourself and the way you like your photos. Which phone do you use for your mobile phone photography? Write me in the comments below. Yours Clemens✖️#turracherhöhe#turrach#winterwonderland#powder#snowboarding#learnphotoshop#learnphotography#discoveraustria#loves_austria#weroamaustria#austriagram#travelphotography#mountains#austria#clemenskonrad
22.01.2019 17:45:56
✖️This is ,,Flori’’, one of the coolest dogs I have ever met in my whole life. S
✖️This is ,,Flori’’, one of the coolest dogs I have ever met in my whole life. She is the one and only snowmobiling dog, based on Turracherhöhe in Austria. Everytime her owner is riding the snowmobile she just can’t wait for it and jumps on the snowmobile. When flori is putting her feet onto the bar, that’s probably one of the cutest things ever. She enjoys going really fast and likes the wind. So me and my friends are back home after 3 awesome days in the winter-wonderland. We had so much fun and good times. You only live once and that’s why you have to enjoy every second of your life, no matter what. On sunday i set my alarm to 6:30 am to shot the sunrise with my camera and my drone. It started pretty good, the mood was perfect and after I finished the shots I wanted to take with my camera I made my drone ready and started it right from the frozen lake. The footage is just crazy and I can’t wait to edit a video. The bad thing on that day was that I lost the connection to the drone and it didn’t come back to the starting point and went crazy. The return to home function was not working and it crashed in a tree somewhere in the forest! We had to search for it 2 hours in crazy deep fresh powder which was waist high. I was soo happy when we found it and while searching we made some pretty nice shots from the area up there. I can only recommend going to Turrachherhöhe when you have the chance to. Have you ever been there? Write me in the comments below. Yours Clemens✖️#turracherhöhe#austria#weroamaustria#winter#fujifilm#fujixt2#discoveraustria#learnphotography#learnphotoshop#loves_austria#dogsofinstagram#sledgang#slednecks#sledjunkies
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✖️Today was just awesome and for the books! We woke up to a beautiful winter won
✖️Today was just awesome and for the books! We woke up to a beautiful winter wonder land on the Turracher Höhe in Austria. There was sooo much snow and the mood was just perfect for shooting some pictures. At first we were a little bit frustrated, because there was no sunrise to shoot. The whole day we had no sun and it was quite cold windy and snowing. We made the best of the day, grabbed our snowboards and skies after a big breakfast and went for some fresh austrian powder! We were the first on the mountain and found some really good lines through the trees, because on the open fields the avalanche risk was just too high! After 5 hours of pure powder we went to the Sonnalm for some lunch and drinks! The best drink is the home made ,,Zirben Schnaps’’. We you are in Austria you totally have to give it a try. Then we took our snowmobiles and went for some runs. I grabbed my camera and took some pictures of my friends. This one turned out pretty nice and I didn’t took so long to take this shot. I can tell you that there is nothing better than a whole day in the winter mountains with your girlfriend and best friends!! There nothing that can top this. Tomorrow the weather will be much better and we are going to snowbaord/ski and snowmobile again. Can’t wait for it! Have you ever tried snowmobiling? Write me in the comments below. Yours Clemens✖️#snowmobile#sled#sledjunkies#slednecks#austria#visitaustria#mountains#fujifilm#fujixt2#weroamaustria#feelaustria#discoveraustria#loves_austria#turracherhöhe#learnphotography#learnphotoshop#clemenskonrad
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✖️Lightroom 1 of 3: Today I want to talk about my first experiences with adobe l
✖️Lightroom 1 of 3: Today I want to talk about my first experiences with adobe lightroom and some basic tips and tricks. First of all there are plenty of free editing softwares on the market, but when you want to get the ,,full experience’’ with editing you should think about investing some money for software. I got my adobe package for a good price as a student in their student program. There are thousands of tutorials on youtube about lightroom and I can really recommend you to watch some of them before you start. Even adobe has some nice tutorials. The most important thing which comes with time is your own lightroom workflow. When I edit my photos I always have the same workflow which makes editing more easy and more efficient/time saving. First you need to import you files in lightroom (always use RAW-Files!). While importing you can create some different categories to find the photos more easy. I have people/landscapes/winter/summer/sports/portrait. Organisation is a key factor in lightroom from the beginning. After importing and organizing all pictures click the word Develop at the top of Lightroom and the currently selected photograph will now appear in the digital dark room. When you are new to lightroom test out every slider and look what it’s doing to your photo and trust me, there are a lot of different sliders. Start with the whitebalance, tone and presence. Try out some different stuff and create some different styles! When you know how to edit photos in a certain way you can use presets or create presets yourself. I mostly work with my custom made presets. It’s so much faster when you have a certain style of editing and just have to fine tune the pic and don’t have to start from the beginning. Which software do you use? Write me in the comments below. Yours Clemens✖️ #feelaustria#visitaustria#ig_austria#ig_austriaspecial#austriavision#loves_austria#mountain#winter#snow#fujifilm#fujixt2#weroamaustria#photography#learnphotoshop#learnlightroom#learnphotography#clemenskonrad
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✖️Here is a sneak preview about the upcoming weekend. I will travel with my girl
✖️Here is a sneak preview about the upcoming weekend. I will travel with my girlfriend and two friends of us to ,,Turracher Höhe’’ in Austria. That’s the place where Styria meets Corinthia. I’m taking all my photography stuff with me and hopefully we will have some good and sunny weather without any wind. Tomorrow I’ll get my new photography backpack which I will show in the story if it arrives on time. We are going to do a lot of photography and some shots for a short video. I’ve been to the ,,Turracher Höhe’’ thousands of times since I’m a little kid and I’m still excited about the trip, because of the activities we are going to do. I’m really excited about snowmobiling. Turracher Höhe is one of the few areas in Austria, where you can rent snowmobiles. If you like fast cars, jetskis or bikes then snowmobiling is definitely something for you. They are going sooo fast and are really hard to turn in deep snow, but always get’s me excited. When you are shooting in bad weather like snow, wind and rain, make sure that your camera is water proofed or at least weather sealed. If your camera is not weather sealed you have to think about a way to shoot safely in bad weather situations. There is a market for some sort of protection cases for different cameras, but most of them don’t guarantee you that there is no water coming into the camera. The easiest way to get your camera at least a little bit safer is a towel or just a plastic bag which you put over your camera and lens. Don’t let bad weather stop you taking pictures or filming. Just get your gear safe and go out. Do you have weather sealed equipment? Write me down in the comments below. Yours Clemens✖️#turrach#turracherhöhe#austria#mountains#winter#snow#snowmobile#snowmobiles#learnphotoshop#learnphotography#photography#photographer#fujifilm#fujixt2#clemenskonrad#travelphotography#sled#sledjunkies
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✖️This is Moritz (also called Moe), a good friend of mine and the owner of the d
✖️This is Moritz (also called Moe), a good friend of mine and the owner of the dog I talked about 4 posts ago. He is the guy who adopted the small little puppy out of the trash bin. Since then he stays everyday with her to take care about her. It’s so good to see when a dog adores his owner like with them both. As you can see in the foreground and on the main subject I like to shoot photos with orange subjects. Orange is like my favorite color since I was a kid. My second favorite color is blue which mixes perfect with orange, because these two colors are complementary. Always keep in mind that when you edit a photo that the colors of your edit match and for this just look in the internet for a complementary color scale. Complementary colors are ones which are opposite on the color wheel. There you can see which colors match perfectly. They work well and make strong compositions. Some other pretty good matches are yellow/purple and red/green. Why, because the different colors excite different cones (or color receptors) in our eye which in turn sends signals to our brain giving us a feeling. I have set my own BLUE/ORANGE Preset in Lightroom. I bought some of the stuff I found online, but I was never happy with the results. It just was not my kind of style I like to edit and that’s why I created my own preset. When you are interested in how I created my preset just ask me in the comments below. Yours Clemens✖️#graz#austria#winter#mountains#photography#photoshop#photographer#lightroompresets#dogsofinstagram#travelphotography#fujifilm#fujixt2#fuji_xseries#fujiframez#fujilove#learnphotoshop#learnphotography#learnphotoediting#clemenskonrad
17.01.2019 07:16:54
✖️This shot is something special and I will tell you why. I have taken gondolas
✖️This shot is something special and I will tell you why. I have taken gondolas to mountains everywhere on the world and if you want to take some stunning pictures it’s always hard, because of the dirty or foggy windows on the gondolas. Even if the windows are clean, there is always kind of reflection from the glass. Here on the ,,Dachstein Glacier’’ there is one special gondola with a rooftop balcony on top of it!! The 1.000 meters / 3.280 feet rise takes you about 6 minutes. 10 out of the 50 passengers have the possibility to go up on the rooftop balcony. You just have to tell the guy who is working there that you totally want to go up. There is no glass around and you can enjoy the beautiful mountain view without any limits. For taking pictures this is just perfect. Keep in mind that the gondola is going with 43 km/h / 27 mph and that’s why it can sometimes be a bit cold and windy. The mountains looks really small in the photo but is indeed the biggest one in Styria, Austria with 2.700 meters / 8.858 feet. One big tip is not to go on the rooftop balcony if you are afraid of heights!! What is the highest mountain you have been to? Write me in the comments below. Yours Clemens✖️ #agameoftones#ig_masterpiece#ig_exquisite#ig_shotz#global_hotshotz#main_vision#master_shots#theworldshotz #photographyislifee #photographyislife#photographysouls#photographyeveryday#photographylover#worldbestgram#iglobal_photographers#ig_great_pics#ig_myshot #shotwithlove#xposuremag #icatching #collectivelycreate #wanderlust#heatercentral #highsnobiety#shotzdelight
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✖️I walked with my girlfriend through the city of Göteborg and between all the c
✖️I walked with my girlfriend through the city of Göteborg and between all the cars someone draw a heart on the front glass of a car. I quickly realized that I wanted to take a shot from this heart on the car with the winter mood and tried some different angles and positions. I took a close up shot, a medium shot and a pretty wide shot with all the street in the background, so the viewer has to look close to find the heart. I check all the pictures on my laptop and decided that I like the wide shot the most. And the reason why i chose the wide shot was, that I wanted to show the viewer the calm moody situation on a winter sunday in a big city where everyone is still sleeping and everything was so peaceful and not crowded or anything like that. So alway check your surroundings for different kind of shots and perspectives. Don’t be happy with the first shot you take. Always try out some new things and never forget to explore and experiment. Find your own style of taking shots and post production and stick to it, no matter what other people thing or say about it. Do you like winter in the city? Write me in the comments below. Yours Clemens✖️#sweden#göteborg#winter#citytrip#travel#photography#photoshop#photographer#photographers#learnphotoshop#learnphotography#clemenskonrad#fujifilm#fujixt2#travelphotography
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✖️This shot was taken at Lech am Arlberg in Austria! It was just a perfect day w
✖️This shot was taken at Lech am Arlberg in Austria! It was just a perfect day with my girlfriend. We had so much fun snowboarding and enjoying the beautiful weather and the view. For this run we hiked up a mountain for like 2 hours to get a nice untouched powder route. We spent 1 hours on top of the mountain, because the vibe was soooo good. Just the 2 of us, our snowboards, some warm fruit tea and snacks. Autofocus can have a hard time locking on, when everything is white. Try to find some darker spot to get your focus right. Every system needs some contrast to focus on. In cold weather your batteries won’t last long. Always bring some spare batteries with you. Watch out that your camera is not falling in the fresh deep snow (even if it’s waterproof or water sealed). It can be quite frustrating to clean and dry everything when the weather is really cold and windy. Snowy landscapes look good, in both sunny and cloudy weather. There is no bad wether, just bad clothing and gear. The sun can go crazy on mountains and the fog too. The weather on mountains can change from one to another minute so shoot fast and get the settings right. Don’t delete any photos until you are at home and can see the results on the screen. I often have the problem that the display gets a little foggy and therefore I can’t see if the image is the way I like so I keep all of them (always bring spare SD-Cards). Which is your favorite country for snow photography? Write me in the comments below. Yours Clemens✖️#arlberg#lechamarlberg#austria#winter#snowboarding#snow#couplegoals#travel#travelphotography#learnphotoshop#learnphotography#clemenskonrad#fujifilm#fujixt2#enjoylife#enjoy#happy#photoshop
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✖️There is a little story behind that shot I want to share with you. 4 years ago
✖️There is a little story behind that shot I want to share with you. 4 years ago a friend of mine went for a short city trip with his cousin. They were walking through the city and suddenly they heard some noises from a big trash can. They opened the trash can a found two really little puppies wrapped in a plastic bag. As soon as they saw them, they put them out of the plastic bag, but had no idea where to bring the 2 little puppies. After a while of carrying the dogs they decided to take them back to austria and each of them will keep one dog. The vet checked the dogs and since then they are such happy and thankful dogs. Especially the dog from the post above called ,,Piper’’ is one of the most friendliest dogs I’ve ever met. She never get’s angry with any kind of people, other dogs or cats. She just want’s to play and she enjoys everything, but she is really scared of 2 things in her life: plastic bags and guys with cigarettes. Every time she sees one of these 2 things she is running away and really scared, even after 5 years now! She is so well educated that taking this shot was very easy. Her owner just told her to jump on this little rock, then walked like 5 meters away and then told her to watch him closely without moving. That shot was my first try and I really liked it so we didn’t need more attempts. Do you have a dog? Write me in the comments below. Yours Clemens✖️#dog#dogsofinstagram#photography#photooftheday#photoshop#learnphotoshop#learnphotography#clemenskonrad#winter#mountains#obertauern#austria#fujifilm#fujixt2#enjoylife#travel#travelphotography
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✖️I found this spot somewhere in Amsterdam in wintertime. Both summer and winter
✖️I found this spot somewhere in Amsterdam in wintertime. Both summer and winter have their pros and cons in Amsterdam. You have heard this a million times and you know that you should, but you always seem to find excuses or reasons NOT to always carry your camera with yourself. As I mentioned in some other posts I try to always carry my camera with me. And my go to setup for exploring cities is just my Fujifilm XT2 without a battery grip and my Fujinon XF 35mm F2 lens. This setup is so small, light and easy to carry everywhere. I can do most of the shots I like to do with this setup in a city. I was walking with my girlfriend through the beautiful city of Amsterdam and always walk with my eyes wide open for some good pictures, but to be honest I think that I would not have seen this basket if I didn’t had to throw away my chewing gum. At this point I realized that I have to watch my surroundings even more to find the best locations, subjects and scenes for some photos. I was lucky that the sun was at a good point for that photo and I am still smiling when I see this picture, because of the wonderful art of painting on this basket. Shoot a lot and try different types of editing in post production. A photo thats looks bad or not good on your camera could be a pretty nice shot after editing. Whats your favorite setup for street photography when you explore different cities? Write me in the comments below. Yours Clemens✖️#amsterdam#netherlands#photography#photographer#photooftheday#learnphotoshop#learnphotography#clemenskonrad#travel#travelphotography#travelgram#fujifilm#fujixt2#winter#snow#enjoylife#photographers
14.01.2019 15:41:53
✖️I took this shoot in Obertauern, Austria with my Fujifilm XT2 and my 35 mm F2
✖️I took this shoot in Obertauern, Austria with my Fujifilm XT2 and my 35 mm F2 lens. It was quite early in the morning and we waited for the sunrise to come up. This cute little dog is names Mia and for this shot I needed a lot of attempts. It’s not always easy to take pictures of animals, especially from pets like dogs and cats. You have to wait for the right moment, when the animal is looking in the right direction and is not moving (for a shot like this one). There are many tricks and methods for taking pictures of pets, but in the end it comes down to patience and being ready for that special moment when it happens. The settings depends on the movement of the pet, whether it’s standing still or moving fast (dogs and cats can move reaaaly fast). Alway focus on the eyes. You can’t make a good shot when the tail or the feet are in focus. Also pets have expressions in their faces and that’s why you should find the perfect focus spot in the eyes. When you are taking still shots, you only have to get your pet to pay attention to you and your camera. Try out some different things like putting up a toy and calling their names often. Try using different angles for this kind of photography. Go down on your knees to see the world on their perspective. If your pet is in motion all you need is a really fast shutter speed, because no one likes blurry pics of moving pets. Also always check the background of your photo to match witch the color of your pet. It’s hard to take a picture of a black dog or cat in front of a really dark background. Do you take pictures of your pets? Write me down in the comments below. Yours Clemens✖️#dog#dogsofinstagram#dogsofinstaworld#photography#photographer#photooftheday#fujifilm#fujixt2#obertauern#austria#winter#mountains#learnphotoshop#learnphotography#travel#travelphotography#enjoylife
14.01.2019 12:44:39
✖️On this day we went snowboarding with 6 friends on Klippitztörl in Corinthia,
✖️On this day we went snowboarding with 6 friends on Klippitztörl in Corinthia, Austria. The weather wasn’t really good, it was very cold and so windy! I wasn’t really in the mood for taking some pictures and that’s why I didn’t bring my Fujifilm camera with me. As it was so windy and cold and I couldn’t take off my gloves for a long time, this shot was made in like 2 minutes just with my phone. I only edited the shot on my phone with my go to apps for quick mobile editing. I am not sponsored by any of the following apps, but I want to tell you which apps I use on my phone for editing pictures on the road when I don’t bring my macbook with me. The first app I use is adobe photoshop express, which is free in the light version. I upgraded the app for certain features, but not everyone needs them. There I have pretty similar functions (the standard ones) as on the desktop version. I always change the saturation, the lights, the shadows, the contrast, white colors, black colors, the temperature and clarity. Sometimes I add a little vignette to certain pictures. The second app is adobe lightroom mobile, which is also free. I connected my desktop lightroom version with my mobile version to have the same presets and all my work linked. I can edit the same photo from my desktop and my mobile phone with pretty much the same functions. For some unique effects I use pixelmator and InShot. Both of them are also free (plus pro version that costs money) and have a lot of different effects, which can be sometimes pretty cool and useful to create a certain scene. Which apps do you use for mobile editing? Write me in the comments below. Yours Clemens✖️#klippitztörl#kärnten#austria#mountains#snow#snowboarding#slashsnow#photography#photographer#photoshop#photooftheday#learnphotoshop#learnphotography#travel#iphonephotography#clemenskonrad
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✖️You only have a phone and want to take awesome pictures? NO PROBLEM! As I ment
✖️You only have a phone and want to take awesome pictures? NO PROBLEM! As I mentioned in some posts, you don’t have to buy the most expensive camera gear to create great photos. Most of the new smartphones from all brands have a good image quality for photos and videos. For myself I use an Iphone 8 Plus with the dual camera which I really like, because I can make pictures with bokeh (blurry background). I can separate the subject from the background to guarantee more focus on it. As your smartphone is always in your trouser, backpack or somewhere else you should always check if the lens is clean. Get used to the possible settings of your phone. Check out the manual or some youtube stuff about your phone. Always turn on the grid! The grid will help you use the rule of thirds and to not put the subject in the middle of the picture. Always check the focus before you take a photo. On a phone it’s really easy to change the focus by simply tap the screen on the point you want to be in focus. When you tap on your phone the exposure will sometimes change and thats sometimes a pretty bad point about the auto functions of phones. If you have the possibility to shot manual then do it! You can set your focus, exposure, ISO and shutter speed to your own preferences for the best results. I know that most the phones have a zoom function, but please don’t use it! The image quality is going to be reeeeaaallly bad, trust me! Without good composition, your photo isn’t likely to be very eye-catching. The rule of thirds is one of the most useful composition techniques in photography. Always shoot from different perspectives and not only on front of your head like you see most of the tourists with phones. Get yourself on the floor, somewhere above the object etc. Which phone do you have? Write me in the comments below. Yours Clemens✖️#mobilephotography#photography#photooftheday#photoshop#learnphotoshop#learnphotography#travelphotography#sweden#stockholm#clemenskonrad#winter#snow#streetphotography#fujifilm#fujixt2
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✖️On this day I set my alarm for 4:30 in the morning and went to our ,,home moun
✖️On this day I set my alarm for 4:30 in the morning and went to our ,,home mountain’’ called Schöckl. This little mountain is only 20 minutes away from the center of Graz and like a completely different world when you compare it to the city life. As I mentioned we went there pretty early and had to hike up the mountain in the dark. Our goal was to shoot a little video and make some sunrise photos. We checked the weather forecast the day before and were pretty sure to find a nice sunrise. The hike took us like 1 hour and we had enough time to find some good spots for flying our drones and take some good landscape and sunrise shots. As no one can control the weather there was no sunrise at all. It was really cloudy, cold und pretty windy. Some of you guys would have been pretty pissed about the missing sunrise, but in my opinion it was just a perfect scene. The mood up there was pretty dramatic, the colors were pretty nice and I really enjoyed taking photos and flying the drones with my friends. You ALWAYS have to make the best of the current situation. There are no bad conditions for taking photos. Don’t always go out and expect the shots you wanted to take. This shot in the post is like a ,,behind the scenes’’ shot. My friends didn’t know that I was taking pictures of him and that is sometimes a pretty good thing, because PEOPLE ACT NATURAL when they don’t know about the camera. He was focused on flying his drone and didn’t check his surrounding. As I was filming him for the short movie, I quickly switched from filming mode in photo mode and made this shot. You don’t always have to interact with the person you are shooting. Try shooting them when they don’t expect and I will guaranty you some quality real life shots which are NOT FAKE! Have you ever hiked up somewhere for a sunrise shot? Write me down in the comments. Yours Clemens✖️#clemenskonrad#learnphotography#snow#winter#mountains#fujifilm#learnphotoshop#learnphotography#travel#fujixt2#travelgram#travelphotography#drone#dronephotography
13.01.2019 14:42:41
✖️Correct me if I’m wrong, but how often have you heard (or even said) the follo
✖️Correct me if I’m wrong, but how often have you heard (or even said) the following sentence: Never shoot photos against the light or the sun. I mean like everyone thinks, that photos against the light will always be too dark and without any details. Taking photos against the light doesn’t have to mean ruined photos. You can get some really nice portraits with some nice natural effect shooting against the sun. There are many ways to get photos against the sun right. The easiest (but not best way) is just post production when you bring up the shadows from your subject in Adobe Lightroom or any other similar program. With this method you will need a camera with a high dynamic range to keep the details in the photo, which brings me to another really important point. Always shoot in RAW! If you have enough storage on your cards you can also shoot in RAW and JPEG at the same time, because in my experience some of the ,, straight out of camera JPGS’’ looks pretty good. Another easy way is to use a reflector for portraits. A simple reflective sheet for reflecting light when shooting portraits. It’s inexpensive and easy to find in a different sizes. A more advanced way is to use a remote external flash, either with an assistant or just a tripod. Just play around with some different subject, settings, locations, sun heights and you will find the best way for you and you photography style. I really can recommend to find your own photography and post production style, because that’s a reflection of yourself. Never forget that the most important thing about photography is HAVING FUN! So enjoy your time with the camera and get creative. Have you ever done a portrait like the one in this post above? Write me in the comments below. Yours Clemens✖️#photography#photooftheday#photoshop#photographer#enjoy#happy#snowboarding#snow#winter#austria#mountains#learnphotoshop#learnphotography#tauplitz#tauplitzalm❄️
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✖️This shot was taken somewhere in Stockholm in Dezember with my Fujifilm XT-2 a
✖️This shot was taken somewhere in Stockholm in Dezember with my Fujifilm XT-2 and my XF 18-55 at 55mm. My girlfriend and I walked through the beautiful snowy city of Stockholm without the intention of taking any photos. The good thing was that I had my camera with me and that’s the first important tip for you: ALWAYS BRING YOUR CAMERA, NO MATTER WHAT! Even if you are not in the mood to take some pictures, grab your camera and your favorite lens. You don’t always have to pack your whole camera gear bag. The next tip is to walk through cities and landscapes with your eyes wide open. That may sound obvious, but a lot of people would have walked by this place i took this image. As a photographer you see the world through different eyes and try to keep the best moment on your camera. As i mentioned in my last post you definitely don’t have to have the most expensive camera gear. You can take beautiful and stunning pictures pictures just with your phone. The most important thing is to get used to your camera even if it’s a phone. Check out the different settings and try what works best for you and your photos. Read the manual of your camera or check out some youtube stuff about your camera (DSLR, Mirrorless, Phone, Action Camera) and you will see that the standard settings and the automatic functions on your camera are not always the best. Remember that your grandparents and parents only had manual cameras and they did a pretty good job on it. QUICK Travel Tip for Stockholm: Get yourself the ,,Stockholm Card’’ for unlimited rides with the public transport and explore the whole city. Also you can drink the tap water which is in my opinion one of the best in the world. Yours Clemens✖️#stockholm#stockholmcity#photography#photographer#photoshop#photooftheday#learnphotoshop#learnphotography#clemenskonrad#enjoy#travel#travelphotography#travelgram#winter#sweden#cityphotography#citytrip#fujifilm#fujixt2#fuji_xseries#monteliusvägen
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✖️The best smile in a photo is a natural smile! I don’t really like fake smiles
✖️The best smile in a photo is a natural smile! I don’t really like fake smiles for photos, because you can tell the difference between a fake and a real smile. For this situation I can recommend that you talk to the person in front of the camera about some funny things. Tell some jokes or some funny stories from the past. Just get the person in front of the camera smiling as hard as they can. It really helps when the person behind the camera also sends out some good vibes with a big smile and is happy. One of the quickest and easiest ways to get someone to smile is to boost their confidence. Never tell them to say cheese! The motion of the jaw is not perfect for smiles on photos. Try out some different words like money. By saying money the person has to drop the jaw for a good natural smile. This shot was taken at the ,,Loser Fenster’’ lodge in front of the wooden door with my Fujifilm XT-2 and my go to 18-55mm lens. That setup is the best minimal travel gear ever. I can really recommend everyone to buy a battery grip for the camera. The two most helpful aspects of battery grips are the longer battery life (usually a grip fits 2 extra batteries) and the easier grip with portrait shots (vertical shooting is a lot easier). The cons about battery grips are the extra weight and the price. As I have pretty big hands and my Fujifilm XT2 is quite small I really like the feeling with a battery grip. Do you have a battery grip? Write me in the comments below. Yours Clemens✖️#travelphotography#travel#fujixt2#fujifilm#fun#snowboarding#snow#winter#mountains#austria#learnphotoshop#learnphotography#photography#photographer#couplegoals#enjoy#enjoylife#clemenskonrad#nature#naturephotography
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