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Daniel Cragg (@craggs_creations)
craggs_creations19.06.2019 23:47:23

This is beautiful, I’ve only been there once but I loved that wet grey place!!

Keryn Means (@walkingontravels)
walkingontravels06.06.2019 22:08:57

We LOVED Connemara when we were there last spring. So lucky to see it in sun and under grey skies 😊

The other Courtney Rae (@thatkentuckygrl)
thatkentuckygrl06.06.2019 18:47:22

I’m more a mix, I love a sunny day with clouds for shade. Though when taking photos I muuuuuch prefer overcast

Reagen (@ralexist)
ralexist06.06.2019 13:29:40

It was overcast and rainy during my trip to Kylemore Abbey as well but it suited the setting and the feel of the place. Just beautiful 🏰

Alexandra Lhermite-Schwass (@whatalexloves)
whatalexloves06.06.2019 12:59:17

Absolutely love the first image! Makes me want to go back to Ireland!

Leslie (@leslie8989)
leslie898906.06.2019 10:53:52

I love all weather types and come across all types of weather when I’m out working as it involves lots of travelling — but wow I’m love fog that’s gently lacing fields with horses in them or sheep. Love these pics and the write up. Ireland and Scotland look better when its gloomy 🙈

Judy Kim | NYC (@judy.kim)
judy.kim06.06.2019 05:13:29

Really beautiful !

Michael Lax (@michaellaxphoto)
michaellaxphoto06.06.2019 04:40:55

I can see why you liked the gloom 👌🏼

ksSuraj (@daspiring_traveller)
daspiring_traveller06.06.2019 04:19:04


Travel with Wayne Moran (@waynemoranmn)
waynemoranmn06.06.2019 01:03:25

I love a mixture of sunshine with partly cloudy skies and then there are times where I love fabulously Moody skies. They make for such great emotional impact on an image.

Bradford Williams (@bradford69)
bradford6905.06.2019 23:31:13

So lovely!

Georgianna Lane (@georgiannalane)
georgiannalane05.06.2019 23:13:06

I agree with you! That weather is perfect for Ireland. It's much more magical than sunshine!

Candii👑🐝 (@candiipaige)
candiipaige05.06.2019 22:11:59

So pretty

Swedish Nomad | Travel Blogger (@swedishnomad)
swedishnomad05.06.2019 20:25:00

Lovely 👌 i love sunshine with a few white clouds

Kiki | The Blonde Abroad (@theblondeabroad)
theblondeabroad05.06.2019 20:19:30

Finally going to Ireland to drive it properly in 2 weeks! So excited!!!

Katarina Kovacevic (@little_k_kata)
little_k_kata05.06.2019 19:30:54

Definitely depends on the location!

Oliver Bock | Content Creator (@oliverbock)
oliverbock05.06.2019 19:15:29

To be honest I prefer blue skies (with some clouds) or really dramatic skies. Just grey isn't so nice

susan hutchinson (@fleurishing)
fleurishing05.06.2019 18:46:21

oh I forgot about that movie - how amazing you saw the sites for it! ✨

Marlene J. Acevedo (@macvd27)
macvd2705.06.2019 18:34:08

Quite picturesque!

David Santori (@frenchieyankee)
frenchieyankee05.06.2019 18:05:29

I can’t wait 💫

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