Danté & I accidentally caught the Gilmore Heritage Auto Show yesterday morning during a grocery run and what a fun surprise that was! Ever the social - Kirsten Alana | los angeles (@kirstenalana)
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Will Taylor (@brightbazaar)
brightbazaar05.06.2019 01:45:16

That car! 🤩💯💯

Dee (@vanilla_papers)
vanilla_papers04.06.2019 15:40:45

What a lucky find.. I love running into auto shows 😊 They have some great ones in Scottsdale, too. And I can't remember the last time I posted a photo that was taken the same day. Though maybe I should try because we all.meed to take this place less seriously sometimes 🙏

Saptarshi Mondal (@saptarshimond)
saptarshimond04.06.2019 14:32:06

Wow, splendid composition👍

Coach Bruce Ryles (@acupofmo)
acupofmo03.06.2019 21:01:52

Matt & Britt (@redhousevt)
redhousevt03.06.2019 15:27:50

Ha!! Love this so much! Latergram 😂

Katra (@intuitiveartist)
intuitiveartist03.06.2019 13:02:44

The car😍

Alice (@myfashionsoup)
myfashionsoup03.06.2019 07:24:24

That carbis so special❤️

urban_wild_italy03.06.2019 05:58:25


Londoner•Des Curran (@descurran)
descurran02.06.2019 22:13:30

Absolutely beautiful capture Kirsten love that car 💚🙌🏻😎👍🏻

Brides & Hairpins, LLC (@bridesandhairpins)
bridesandhairpins02.06.2019 21:04:38

This is wonderful

London & Travel 🇬🇧Neil Andrews (@mumhad1ofthose)
mumhad1ofthose02.06.2019 20:55:57

Oh how marvellous. I would’ve loved to have been there.

Oliver Bock | Content Creator (@oliverbock)
oliverbock02.06.2019 17:57:46

Oh yes. I remember those times. Some say, the good old times of Instagram ;) Nice shot, love the car btw

b e n e d i c t e (@wanderwonders)
wanderwonders02.06.2019 17:52:16

Loooove this car and the colour 😍 #grlue 

Elizabeth warkentin (@lizwarkentin)
lizwarkentin02.06.2019 17:25:58

Such a great looking car. I love the pastel minty green and the beautiful wood. Nice shot!

Doreen | Travel | Photography (@a.daylikethis)
a.daylikethis02.06.2019 16:04:40

The car is so pretty 💕nice shot

Janisse Lahti Larsson (@paintthenight)
paintthenight02.06.2019 15:40:28

Oh shoot! A woody with my favorite paint color! Big envy here! So happy to hear about your Provincetown trip. That should be wild.

Wendy | Nomadic Fare (@nomadicfare)
nomadicfare02.06.2019 15:26:56

Oh love this turquoise/wood combo!!

Travel with Wayne Moran (@waynemoranmn)
waynemoranmn02.06.2019 14:40:24

How wonderfully fun is this? Is that called a Woody? My dad was a car guy or is a car guy so we've seen so many amazing cars through our life....

Nicole Sunderland (@eatlivetraveldrink)
eatlivetraveldrink02.06.2019 13:58:11

Wait I didn’t know you were from@Detroit ! SO AM I 😻

David Santori (@frenchieyankee)
frenchieyankee02.06.2019 13:57:20

I love instant stuff 😁

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