What did you think of #thefinalepisode of #gameofthrones? 🐺🐉 After my time in Ireland these last few weeks, I felt more invested than ever going into - Kirsten Alana | los angeles (@kirstenalana)
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Denise Sawinski (@montanamommy)
montanamommy21.05.2019 01:12:10

I don't understand all the disappointment! The fates of these characters meet the definition of the word, "tragedy". I feel that the resolutions were logical, and moral, similar to the events in Tolkien's writings

Denise Sawinski (@montanamommy)
montanamommy21.05.2019 01:13:03

...and how amazing for you!

💰 ₱₳Ɏ₳Ɽ₵ 💰 (@meetthecarlins)
meetthecarlins21.05.2019 06:17:33

Let’s see how we can work together.

Katra (@intuitiveartist)
intuitiveartist21.05.2019 07:05:11

And you look Amazing! 😍😍😍😍😍 Wolves! 😍😍😍😍

Vina R (@vinamonologues)
vinamonologues21.05.2019 08:16:19


Ann Tran (@anntranfashion)
anntranfashion21.05.2019 09:23:11

I have a pic with them 😉 Yours is better 📸

Leon Hanan (@leo_drogba)
leo_drogba21.05.2019 09:29:53

Dogs? Wtf? Wat breed of dog?

1 Backpack ✈️ 99 Borders 🌍 (@the99backpacker)
the99backpacker21.05.2019 19:28:47


Jill Emmer (@shineonyoucraydiamond)
shineonyoucraydiamond22.05.2019 03:28:38

Wow this is sooo cool! And I checked out their account! What an amazing place to visit!

Leslie (@leslie8989)
leslie898922.05.2019 07:32:32


Rufus Airlines 🚂🚲⛵️ (@rufus_airlines)
rufus_airlines22.05.2019 09:21:48

Like a star♥️ 👸🏻 i have to catch my flight for Venice but you know ... i have to read your story later♥️♥️♥️

kim genevieve (@kimgenevieve)
kimgenevieve23.05.2019 04:11:38

Ahh, what an incredible experience!!

Layla ✈ℒoѕ Aɴɢᴇʟᴇѕ ᴛʀᴀᴠᴇʟ ɢɪʀʟ (@latravelgirl)
latravelgirl23.05.2019 19:27:25

I LOVE THIS! You know how I feel my fellow GOT’er 😍

In Bed With (@inbedwith.me)
inbedwith.me24.05.2019 22:57:29

Omg I die for this photo of you 💙

Ana Linares (@ananewyork)
ananewyork25.05.2019 01:41:21

Amazing 😍

Travel with Wayne Moran (@waynemoranmn)
waynemoranmn27.05.2019 13:01:15

That would be a crazy cool experience

Travel with Wayne Moran (@waynemoranmn)
waynemoranmn27.05.2019 13:03:14

We are always a little culturally out of step. We do not have HBO so I have not seen a single episode. I kind of hope they bring a did Netflix but I'm sure they will not.

Alyssa Ponticello (@runwaychef)
runwaychef30.05.2019 01:47:32

Never got into GOT but these still all sound like such cool experiences! And what an epic photo of you 🙌🏽

Marvie Hotel & Health (@marvie.hotel)
marvie.hotel06.06.2019 07:56:45

Amazing 🤗🤗

Marco Gaggio (@neumarc)
neumarc08.06.2019 20:17:45

seriously???? 😍😍😍😍

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