Last year @dante.vincent and I drove cross country to move to California. We had bought a National Parks Pass and intended to visit Bryce Canyon but a - Kirsten Alana | los angeles (@kirstenalana)
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Wendy | Nomadic Fare (@nomadicfare)
nomadicfare30.04.2019 16:59:10

What an incredible story! I can totally relate to these moments where nature is just overwhelming and beautiful and breathtaking. We need to protect these moments. Every day is Earth Day!

Jada Jo (@jadajojackson)
jadajojackson01.05.2019 12:57:04

I adore all those national parks

Blue Car Studio (@bluecarstudio)
bluecarstudio01.05.2019 18:43:37

It definitely looks like you traveled to a different planet to take this pic. Such a beautiful shot ❤️

Tattle (
tattle.inc01.05.2019 20:40:10

Wow 😍 Incredible shot!

Elisa Solomon Kaplicer (@elisasolomon)
elisasolomon02.05.2019 04:04:14


Alex (@atmolex)
atmolex02.05.2019 20:47:26


Myky Radu (@myky.radu)
myky.radu04.05.2019 06:06:57


Adam Bartash 🌐 (@adamba12)
adamba1204.05.2019 10:47:02

Found myself stopping in the middle of the street and reading your story. Have to Visit Utah someday !

Annette White (@bucketlistjourney)
bucketlistjourney05.05.2019 14:29:18

Sometimes the unexpected is the best treasures of a trip 💛💛💛

C E C I L I A (@cecilia.s._)
cecilia.s._05.05.2019 17:39:48


C E C I L I A (@cecilia.s._)
cecilia.s._05.05.2019 17:39:50


Wendi (@wendi_when)
wendi_when06.05.2019 03:16:20


Hasan Rıza Gunay (@streskocu)
streskocu06.05.2019 18:43:34

❤️ Greetings from Istanbul Turkey, From Mystic City Beautiful friendship.❤️

Dreamy NY (@dreamy_ny)
dreamy_ny07.05.2019 08:57:25


Susan Portnoy (@insatiabletraveler)
insatiabletraveler15.05.2019 13:08:05

I completely understand what you mean. I need to move to the woods. Lol

Thais Nogueira (@ajnaayurveda)
ajnaayurveda20.05.2019 18:50:59


Traveller-Storyteller-Glutton (@thecuriouscreature)
thecuriouscreature22.05.2019 13:25:00

You described this journey so beautifully— I was almost there with you 💕 to many more speechless moments

Martin Randall Travel (@_martinrandalltravel)
_martinrandalltravel27.05.2019 08:09:55


Marco Gaggio (@neumarc)
neumarc08.06.2019 20:18:53

great one Kirsten!! 😍

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