I’m thrilled to be back in Canada, in partnership with @travelmanitoba & @travelmindset, to explore Winnipeg and Churchill. Summer is in full swing he - Kirsten Alana (@kirstenalana)
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The Working Mom's Travels (@workmomtravels)
workmomtravels06.08.2018 07:57:06

Winnipeg is such a cool city and @cmhr_mcdp  is amazing!

Pearl Davies Boudoir (@boudoir_by_pearl_davies)
boudoir_by_pearl_davies06.08.2018 15:34:18


Canadian Museum Human Rights (@cmhr_mcdp)
cmhr_mcdp07.08.2018 23:12:34

Thanks for visiting! We hope it won’t be too long before you can come back to spend a bit more time with us!

Oscar Seydel-Winter (@oscarseydelwinter)
oscarseydelwinter08.08.2018 09:04:43

Nice picture! I really like this one! Well done... 👍👍👍

Driss (@drissbop)
drissbop08.08.2018 11:00:34

Absolutely wonderful, love your art!

Alfonso and Gonzalo Maestro (@thetravelertwins)
thetravelertwins08.08.2018 16:06:49

what a perfect capture here

Garage No. 9 (@garagenumber9)
garagenumber908.08.2018 23:04:12

I love cabins, and small spaces... Thanks for sharing your photos.

Ali Fahs (@alifahsphotography)
alifahsphotography09.08.2018 01:52:22

Very cool

Will Taylor (@brightbazaar)
brightbazaar09.08.2018 03:56:46

Reminding me I need to get back to Canada!

Alyssa Ponticello (@runwaychef)
runwaychef09.08.2018 16:38:53

Couldn’t agree more that it starts with each of us! And what an awesome museum! Definitely sounds like getting to visit has been a highlight of the trip so far 🙌🏽

ANA LINARES (@ananewyork)
ananewyork09.08.2018 16:44:28

Have the best time!!

phil.harmonika09.08.2018 19:50:52

I produced a lil recap of an trip to iceland, come to my page if u want to see it☀️💥

Mark L (@dapperland)
dapperland10.08.2018 07:02:31


name: ANDREAS HAGSPIEL (@andi_hagspiel)
andi_hagspiel12.08.2018 03:46:31

Man sieht das du dir Mühe gibst. Gefällt mir💯👌‼

iExplore ✨Adventure Travel (@iexploretravel)
iexploretravel13.08.2018 22:47:26

You’re learning so much while getting to explore so much! That’s so awesome

Angela Gala🤹🏻‍♀️ (@imamusaller)
imamusaller17.08.2018 03:52:49


Dr. O 📷 Travel Photography (@smallworldbigoyster)
smallworldbigoyster21.08.2018 08:43:50

Excellent image.

Nizar Alqari نزار القارئ (@n1z6r)
n1z6r25.08.2018 18:02:44

Unfortunately, the right place for human right’s is the museum 😭

Gabriel Simões (@gmsimoesphoto)
gmsimoesphoto28.11.2018 16:52:03

Muito bom!

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