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↞ danté vincent ↠ (@dante.vincent)
dante.vincent06.07.2018 04:27:52

What a great experience babe! 😍

Bridget Ryan (@therealbridgetryan)
therealbridgetryan06.07.2018 04:39:49

It was so wonderful meeting you🙋🏻come back anytime!!! Until then, I live vicariously through you and your amazing adventures!! 🙌

Zahava (@golden2dew)
golden2dew06.07.2018 04:53:46

Looks like a wonderful experience!!

KK’s Food & Wine Photoventure (@kenny_kim_photoventure)
kenny_kim_photoventure06.07.2018 05:37:40

Banff is on my bucket list!

ANA LINARES (@ananewyork)
ananewyork06.07.2018 06:56:51

What a great experience!!!

Leslie (@leslie8989)
leslie898906.07.2018 07:08:07

The Canadian Rockies are just Awesome ! 😍💯📸 -- love the pics and the write ups as always Kirsten.

Ryan Imbriale (@ryanimbriale)
ryanimbriale06.07.2018 07:18:09


David Santori (@frenchieyankee)
frenchieyankee06.07.2018 11:24:10

Oh love the shot with the mountain. So cool. ❤️

Angelwings (@elsaheartfr)
elsaheartfr06.07.2018 18:33:53

Your feed is good, keep going 🏼

Glenn (@ghmanderson)
ghmanderson06.07.2018 20:21:50

Kirsten, not sure if I told you but I did a series of 7 management course at the Banff Centre - sort of like an MBA - and so I spent a huge amount of time there! Truly one of the jewels of our planet! Cheers, Glenn

Dave & Deb🔹ThePlanetD (@theplanetd)
theplanetd06.07.2018 22:06:05

It sounds like you had an incredible experience. And glad you have a little reminder at home with you to see each day! 😘 ~ Deb

Atlantis Wristwatches (@atlantiswristwatchesllc)
atlantiswristwatchesllc06.07.2018 22:07:25

Hey! We’d love to sponsor you send us a DM! 😁

Dené Sinclair (@denezy)
denezy07.07.2018 03:01:52

All a part of my plan for us to hang together again !! Soon! 😍❤

Dane Faurschou (@holidayfromwhere)
holidayfromwhere07.07.2018 23:51:09

Amazing photos as always! Those mountains are so incredible!

Alyssa Ponticello (@runwaychef)
runwaychef12.07.2018 21:59:02

I can’t totally relate to it being hard to let go! We went two years ago and I still have so many pictures I want to post 🙈😂

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