If you visit Paris, but you don’t share a photo of a café...did you actually, go to Paris?! • I saw this beautiful one on the feed of @secondcitymom n - Kirsten Alana (@kirstenalana)
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Leyla (@secondcitymom)
secondcitymom14.05.2018 19:44:51

I wanted to take a bistro chair home 🙊. Next time you must have tea and a pastry in the tea room!!! And take an extra pastry to enjoy later 😘😘

Georgianna Lane (@georgiannalane)
georgiannalane14.05.2018 19:46:04

Such a good one! And those fab teal chairs!

Jennifer Weinberg (@jentemple)
jentemple14.05.2018 19:58:11

There is always a next time for Paris! I’ll have to search out this spot during my visit in July. ☺️

Luxe Adventure Traveler (@luxeadventuretrvlr)
luxeadventuretrvlr14.05.2018 20:14:55

Taking my mom up to Paris for 1 night when she visits me in Bordeaux soon. She’s been before and did the touristy musts. Any recs for mother daughter things that are a must?

Instagram South Africa (@richardhaubrich)
richardhaubrich14.05.2018 20:25:49

I’ve never been. But if I go and I make it to this cafe, what should I order?

Hervé (@simonhs)
simonhs14.05.2018 20:28:36


Emest Lee 🇲🇾 (@freezography)
freezography14.05.2018 20:51:36


Zahava (@golden2dew)
golden2dew14.05.2018 21:07:19

Absolutely perfect my darling 😍🙌🏼🙌🏼🔝

↞ danté vincent ↠ (@dante.vincent)
dante.vincent14.05.2018 21:37:43

I love a good patisserie! 😘

San Francisco Travel (@humminglion)
humminglion14.05.2018 23:24:02

Haha definitely the land of cute cafes!!

kim genevieve (@kimgenevieve)
kimgenevieve15.05.2018 02:04:56

I could sit here allllllll afternoon 💙

Leigh Thompson (@travelingthompsons)
travelingthompsons15.05.2018 03:49:11

This brings me right back, thanks for that. Always a reason to go back to Paris!

English Zuhair (@englishzuhair)
englishzuhair15.05.2018 15:41:44


Wendy | Nomadic Fare (@nomadicfare)
nomadicfare15.05.2018 16:33:42

Ahhh j’adore those chairs! So chic.

Leslie (@leslie8989)
leslie898915.05.2018 16:59:12


Giulia Scalese (@thecollecteur)
thecollecteur15.05.2018 17:39:12


Rosace Kumi (@rosace_kumi)
rosace_kumi16.05.2018 23:33:18

I will visit France from Japan for two weeks and stay in Paris for a week and definitely visit to This fancy café. Than you so much for your post!

Alyssa Ponticello (@runwaychef)
runwaychef25.05.2018 16:27:37

Nope! Definitely not 😜😂

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