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Scotty Cunha (@thescottycunha)
thescottycunha12.01.2019 16:07:56

Gorgeous angels

Gunnar Peterson (@gunnarfitness)
gunnarfitness12.01.2019 19:26:16

... has done it again... @khloekardashian 

Aloisious 🌠 (@aloisious_)
aloisious_12.01.2019 17:53:32

Khloe needs to stop getting work done on her face it’s not normal

simply sweet 247 (@elacmommyof2)
elacmommyof212.01.2019 18:45:41

Damn kloe, don't look the same.

Chloe Logan (@khloelogan)
khloelogan12.01.2019 16:56:47

I honestly wasn’t sure who I was looking at?

Kerriann (@kerriannamom)
kerriannamom12.01.2019 18:02:48

Trying not to judge, but is there someone that is close enough to Khloe to help her to realize she's always been beautiful. She needs an intervention to get back to the basics in life. 🙏

Dawn (@tbug314)
tbug31412.01.2019 17:43:58

Why is Kloe morphing into Kylie???

rick. (@erckataylr)
erckataylr12.01.2019 17:30:05

Klo that is not you ...

Robin Teszler (@bonditez)
bonditez12.01.2019 17:05:33

White washed.. unfortunately..too much Photoshop😢

Tanisha Thomas (@iamtanishathomas)
iamtanishathomas12.01.2019 15:33:46

Yess push tf through 🙌🏾♥️ and come through @kourtneykardash 😍

Doni Jo (@starseden)
starseden12.01.2019 17:47:38

I love y’all but this pulled face look with wide eyes and hollow cheeks and big lips is super strange

Casey Smith (@casey___smith)
casey___smith12.01.2019 19:23:13

So yall gonna explain what happened to yalls faces or we just gonna leave it at this

Temicca Terry (@temicca_1fam_va)
temicca_1fam_va12.01.2019 20:37:40

I ❤️ khloe she was my fav.... Just cant find her anymore👀... Im being honest do anybody recognize this lady in this blonde? 💅 KoKo is that you? 😳

Cindy Marcheterre (@cindymarcheterre)
cindymarcheterre12.01.2019 17:31:08

@lisadunkley  @rrfrenchh  for real though, what is happening to their faces?!?

Стефан , Эван & Я (@xe.sha)
xe.sha12.01.2019 20:36:52

you need to stop photoshop your pictures😐

YoyoTru (@yotruhenri)
yotruhenri12.01.2019 17:05:13

Your head looks out of proportion. It’s huge!!!

Ali (@aligolfi)
aligolfi12.01.2019 16:57:26

Wow ... no more work on your face... went too far!

FARSÁLI - Beauty with Benefits (@farsalicare)
farsalicare12.01.2019 15:19:01

Gorgeous sisters 😍✨

Brittany Boudreau (@shamzow)
shamzow12.01.2019 16:49:46

@jess.magnuson  what I'm the Photoshop is going on here

You Can Call Me Kubz (@riotgrrrlkoko)
riotgrrrlkoko12.01.2019 18:11:34

@9ashash  is it just me or are they starting to look really asian

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