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FARSÁLI - Beauty with Benefits (@farsalicare)
farsalicare07.01.2019 14:57:27

So gorgeous! 💗✨

ICONIC LONDON (@iconic.london)
iconic.london07.01.2019 14:50:41

So stunning!!😍

Tristan Thompson (@realtristan13)
realtristan1307.01.2019 14:53:14


Paris Hilton (@parishilton)
parishilton07.01.2019 14:47:50


Gunnar Peterson (@gunnarfitness)
gunnarfitness07.01.2019 15:45:44

KK RR top shelf. @khloekardashian 

Scotty Cunha (@thescottycunha)
thescottycunha07.01.2019 20:14:30

Love this color are you!!!!

Olivia Pierson (@oliviapierson)
oliviapierson07.01.2019 19:44:34

Beautiful selfie ❤️

Erika Jayne (@theprettymess)
theprettymess07.01.2019 15:43:07

Yes nails ✨

Katie Nickles (@nickleskatie)
nickleskatie07.01.2019 18:36:47

Show something other than your vanity an posssions. maybe helping out at si k kids hospitals homeless shelter @khloekardashian  all your family does is post your greed and vain and it's sad cause it's not even your real face and body ko ko wonder how old true will be when your pumpingfiller in her lips and cheeks

keprokop8507.01.2019 20:21:44

His do you care for a baby with claws?

Lorena Glz (@loreglzv)
loreglzv07.01.2019 19:36:40

How do u change diapers with those nails?

Jennifer Le (@iamjenniferle)
iamjenniferle07.01.2019 15:42:02


ellysouvz (@ellysouvz)
ellysouvz07.01.2019 20:00:15

@alyssa.hobin  how does she change nappies with those nails!!! 😂😂

turntslut07.01.2019 14:41:21

Step on me

Christa (@chrisj1820)
chrisj182007.01.2019 19:31:36

Ok, let’s talk about this chic, she looks fabulous. Except the puckered lips, it’s so annoying and ruins the pic. Also, the long yucky nails:(

Alana Farfan (@alanafarfan)
alanafarfan07.01.2019 21:07:58

Come on khloe dont you think your nails are a little bit to long.

Birdie Boyd (@birdies_best)
birdies_best07.01.2019 18:40:36

Everything looks great til you get to those claws, and that color clashes too. Sorry!

Yvonne Berthelette (@hotness66)
hotness6607.01.2019 21:46:38

How u take care of ur baby with those nails ?

Bonnie Marilynne (@bonniemarilynne)
bonniemarilynne07.01.2019 19:38:46

@theladywulf  I don’t understand how one would function with such long nails

Hazel E (@hangingwithhaze)
hangingwithhaze08.01.2019 03:08:15

@khloekardashian  @keepingupwithkaiskloset  obviously those people who do not have long nails are the ones saying that she doesn’t change nappies, personally for me having long nails the entirety of my daughter life so far, it has not been an issue. Once you’ve had long nails for a long time, you can do anything with them, including changing a nappy and cleaning yourself. Mum shaming and bullying is real and unnecessary! Everybody has their own way of parenting and should not be criticised for it. All love x

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