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Nicole Boyer (@nicoleboyerxiv)
nicoleboyerxiv05.01.2019 18:59:49

I love how you share the most beautiful things. The simple beautiful things. ❤️❤️❤️

libralady13 (@libralady13)
libralady1305.01.2019 19:00:34

What are these??

George Blanco (@georgeeblancoo)
georgeeblancoo05.01.2019 18:36:13

Gorgeous! I've always tried looking for colorful succulents and I can never find them ;(

Estefânia Ferreira (@estegferreira)
estegferreira05.01.2019 18:41:47

@bellegomesf  @caterinegf  finalmente eu e Khloe temos um gosto em comum e acessível para mim!

Naomi Elizabeth Maharaj (@naomielizabethmaharaj)
naomielizabethmaharaj05.01.2019 18:56:34

Khloe I love @goodamerican  I am so happy u had the application thing and I am so happy I applied and thank u for wanting people to model for your fashion line

.' (@e3z)
e3z05.01.2019 18:35:33


Lydia Babek (@lydbabs)
lydbabs05.01.2019 18:37:43

Love these succulents. Easy to take care of for me-i kill all my plants. 😂

Jen (@jen_not__jenn)
jen_not__jenn05.01.2019 19:02:56

oooh want these ones!! @nicoley_7 

Pinkxoxlips (@pinkxoxlips)
pinkxoxlips05.01.2019 18:36:08

I swear I would love you to decorate my home💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕

Cassandra (
cassandra._.jm05.01.2019 19:39:55

What app of filter did you use? Btw nice picture

Lara🦋 (@lara_20.18)
lara_20.1805.01.2019 19:00:04

Nice picture 🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋

Alba Muoio (@albamuoio)
albamuoio05.01.2019 18:36:36


Francisco_Bedolla (@francisco282_c82_8edh_838_chan)


Lisa Baker (@bakerpet32)
bakerpet3205.01.2019 18:59:48


hoehoe.siwa05.01.2019 18:58:51

v pretty

Meat.Cheese.Booze (@meat.cheese.booze)
meat.cheese.booze05.01.2019 18:35:55


carzola🔵 (@zolakaney1)
zolakaney105.01.2019 18:35:34


Melisa Zecena Gil (@melconceited)
melconceited07.01.2019 17:17:00

@fromecis  🙌

Lynn Vo (@lynnnvo)
lynnnvo05.01.2019 18:39:44

@jasmine_6325  @svo_12  @bonniev_ 

kacey_vaughn06.01.2019 10:08:50

@000camiemendoza  she doesn’t know about archiving

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