*Ikifika kìgosho time kwa church*

Simba wa Yuda akingurumaaa. - KWS (@kenyawildlifeservice)
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Jeff Anton Mburu (@mburu_the_traveller)
mburu_the_traveller23.12.2018 09:07:42

😂😂😂, nice one

Schnauzer Lover (@minschnzgal)
minschnzgal23.12.2018 13:32:21

The Lion of Judah ROARS over us. ..filling us with His Presence

Joseph E Becker Jr👑♌️ (@joey.becker.90475)
joey.becker.9047523.12.2018 14:19:00


Melissa Gonzalez (@pineapple_cake26)
pineapple_cake2623.12.2018 15:45:24


Shivaji (@shivajimaharajtheking)
shivajimaharajtheking23.12.2018 16:02:52

Narasimha Namah!👏

Feizal (@feizal.ahmed)
feizal.ahmed23.12.2018 16:12:15

Which mucatha guy seriously runs this social media page for kws. All pictures are dope but the captions are always lame. Anyway. #Ashananaye! 

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