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Audreyyisme💋 (@audreyissme)
audreyissme13.06.2019 11:09:32

Love your posts 🙏🏻

Knowledge Is Power 𓂀 (@kenyaawakening)
kenyaawakening13.06.2019 11:20:21

@audreyissme  bless✊

Neno Murad (@ecnirpneno)
ecnirpneno13.06.2019 11:47:50

@dr_deyon  rick n fkn Morty

john titor (@populationoverload)
populationoverload13.06.2019 11:52:42

You need to pump those numbers UP!

Mansur (@mansur.kingg)
mansur.kingg13.06.2019 12:21:16

A lot of people ask me : How do stay Positif and Happy when u know so much truth and crazy things.I always tell them that the more u know the truth,the more u wake up,and the more u wake up, the more u feel calm and at peace because i know whats going on and my senses work strong.I ask them : How do YOU STAY POSITIV WHEN U DONT KNOW WHATS GOING ON, ARENT U CONFUSED AND STRESSED? They always say: yes actually iam stressed

Its Drako Hoes🐍 🧪 (@_iitsdraakoohoe)
_iitsdraakoohoe13.06.2019 15:04:42


Blair Kerr (@blairmkerr)
blairmkerr13.06.2019 17:10:58


zrrt (@morphosis8y)
morphosis8y13.06.2019 17:21:44

Like we have a world inside our head and we go there in sleep.

TheArtAndScienceOfRespect (@thereal_top_boy)
thereal_top_boy13.06.2019 17:23:17


AJ (Austin) (@austie_lavalamp)
austie_lavalamp13.06.2019 18:59:57

Ten full straight hours of Minecraft to take my mind off things 😂👍🏻

Paula reyes (@paula_dmnds)
paula_dmnds14.06.2019 00:32:55

@niarave  this is u

billionairjpapi (@billionairjpapi)
billionairjpapi14.06.2019 01:24:24

Bruhhhhh 🤦🏾‍♂️

David Williams (@david_richard11)
david_richard1114.06.2019 01:30:34

All previous and current social society’s are simply social experiments, masquerades, that are predominantly controlled by Propaganda and Monetary Systems! The Ruling Elite/Controllers of this physical realm refer to this as Social Engineering! The Propaganda is delivered through Religion, Law, Government, Education/Media, Banking institutions etc while predominantly only promoting 5 subjects of thought for the masses to entertain which are:- Monetary “MONEY” Systems, Fear, Violence, Sex and Fame!
What this creates is over all limited intelligence throughout humanity as the Majority of Humanity rely on their ruling Over lords to tell them what to think and do, hence the majority of Humanity never think beyond their immediate physical environment that has been completely fabricated by their Over lords! and the sad thing is the majority of Humanity simply don’t know! that they don’t KNOW!

José Ruiz Duran 😎 (@terrificruiz)
terrificruiz14.06.2019 02:22:39


Bella Mente (@bella.mente777)
bella.mente77714.06.2019 02:25:18


Britta (@brittahilgen)
brittahilgen14.06.2019 11:44:38


spiritualbeinghavinghumanxp15.06.2019 12:29:11

😅 👍

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