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Mischa Cote (@iheartblindbagswithmarissa)
iheartblindbagswithmarissa16.03.2019 01:08:09

Congrats 🎉 this sounds awesome 🤗😘

Funtivity TV Family (@funtivitytv)
funtivitytv16.03.2019 03:12:04

Whoa so awesome! You'll be able to make tons of slime!

Ariel | LOL Surprise IRL (@ariel_cibrian)
ariel_cibrian16.03.2019 04:06:00

Slime 🙌🏻 I can’t wait to see

💖Isabella’s Toy World💖 (@isabellastoyworld)
isabellastoyworld16.03.2019 05:22:10

That’s awesome!🙌🏼🙌🏼

Isabella's Corner (@isabellascorner_yt)
isabellascorner_yt16.03.2019 16:58:06


Summer Toy Unboxing (@summerjoystoyjoy)
summerjoystoyjoy18.03.2019 11:07:44

Oh wow amazing 💖

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