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Ryan Hamilton (HAMMY T.V) (@hammy_tv)
hammy_tv08.01.2019 22:25:08


Sonny Side Up (@sonny5ideup)
sonny5ideup09.01.2019 07:52:39

Yo that’s the homie !

mishael johnson 🌞 (@misshaael)
misshaael08.01.2019 21:18:51

he’s really living his best life and I’m here for it

miliv_daa08.01.2019 21:30:33

I heard from someone, that animals know if you have a good heart and wont hurt them thats why they go to him without being afraid doest matter if he has food in his hands or no. Keep doing the good work bro. God bless

Dennis J P Wall St’s Finest (@narctoda_k)
narctoda_k08.01.2019 21:55:41

Surprised an nyc rat ain’t crawl up in disguise and finesse

Julian (@_iamgent)
_iamgent08.01.2019 21:26:10

That jacket HARD!!!!!

Remi Carrillo (@same_o_rem)
same_o_rem08.01.2019 21:22:59

Lmao had to be the Lil pump song right AFTER the Asian scene 😂😆☠️

The Lost Breed (@thelostbreed)
thelostbreed08.01.2019 21:34:08

Everybody eats! 😂😂

Aim (@akariaaim)
akariaaim08.01.2019 21:25:00

My cat just killed a squirrel 🙁😐

VIVINIKY (@viviniky)
viviniky08.01.2019 21:22:05

Guillermooooo 😂😂😂😂❤️ @missruss_ 

Reality vs Fantasy (@__chinitachavo)
__chinitachavo08.01.2019 21:26:31

How tf you feed a squirrel 😭😫

George L Gonzalez (@insta_g76)
insta_g7608.01.2019 21:32:28

Friendliest squirrels in NYC as long as you have food

Antonio (@caiazzo67)
caiazzo6708.01.2019 21:25:03


YRN Sosa💰💸 (@sosasauce_)
sosasauce_08.01.2019 21:21:40

The Song Ain’t The Same Without The “Ching Chong” Part 😂

briana ☼ (@briana.nunezz)
briana.nunezz08.01.2019 21:24:51

🦌🦌🦌🦌 ily

storm ryan (@st0rmryan)
st0rmryan08.01.2019 21:33:11

best flex

XxAmelia wilkinson.Xx (@_amelia__wilkinson_)
_amelia__wilkinson_08.01.2019 21:26:27


trinity 💞 (@ttrinity.t_)
ttrinity.t_08.01.2019 21:25:03


Jennifer (@jen_guaman)
jen_guaman08.01.2019 21:24:16


P a u l a (@paaulaabe)
paaulaabe08.01.2019 21:21:57


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