Self care is a deep reflection of yourself. It takes practice, but face masks help lol. 
helping others can start by helping yourself.

How do you sel - Keegan Allen (@keeoone)
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jordan fudge (@jordanpulledup)
jordanpulledup12.01.2019 20:03:20

Putting lemon in water is the pinnacle of self care

Jack Kubly (@bonkers4memes)
bonkers4memes12.01.2019 17:22:51

No one cared who I was until I put on the mask.

Mike (@laufeysoncosplay)
laufeysoncosplay12.01.2019 17:22:21

Wow with what camera did you make this pic? The quatilty is really good

Hannah Shaw (@kittenxlady)
kittenxlady12.01.2019 17:47:18

Self-care is SO important for people working with animals, and such a struggle! My self-care plan involves bubble baths, hiking, and doing my best to set aside time for things that have nothing to do with rescue work. Easier said than done.

Levi Stocke (@levistocke)
levistocke12.01.2019 17:28:06

Put the lotion on the skin.

Jessica Michél Serfaty (@jessicamichel)
jessicamichel12.01.2019 17:53:42


NC (@noahcyrus)
noahcyrus13.01.2019 05:16:20

i jumped

prophetic divinity (@glovv)
glovv12.01.2019 17:21:05

There comes a moment in life when you must actualize your potential. This is your time. You are reading this for a reason. You are welcome here.

Laveena Dias (@laveena.dias)
laveena.dias12.01.2019 17:25:23

Self care is not caring about the semester and just watching Rick n Morty on Netflix

Satisfying🍃 (@satisfy.pll)
satisfy.pll12.01.2019 17:23:16

Watching rick and morty memes about that it takes so long before season 4 is coming

Velvet Coke ® (@velvetcoke)
velvetcoke12.01.2019 18:59:16

face masks alll the way, exercising and good music 💆🏻‍♀️

KEITH M (@keithxmajor)
keithxmajor12.01.2019 17:45:58

I wonder whose the man behind the mask? 🧐 please tell him he has amazing bone structure for me! 🙏🏽

Kia (@_kiki98_)
_kiki98_12.01.2019 18:41:56

My favourite forms of self care include meditation, journaling, face masks and reading I also love being outside without my phone just to breathe and be with my dog, and my sisters puppy. These are the things that make me the happiest. Things I plan on doing more of this year ❤️

SAM REBUYACO🌙✨ (@samrebuyaco)
samrebuyaco12.01.2019 19:41:03

Done. We’re all doing face masks when we hang out 🧖‍♀️

Troian Bellisario 🇧🇷 (@toppertroian)
toppertroian12.01.2019 17:33:35

Can you say hi to my friend Isa? @httpbellisario 

Kovács Viktória (@kovacsviki06)
kovacsviki0612.01.2019 17:36:14

@ungerrenata  rá jó😂😂❤

inactive (@httpbellisario)
httpbellisario12.01.2019 17:32:25

I listen music and I am always saying with my idiot's @toppertroian  and @troian_patrick_.  I watch your videos because they make me laugh and I watch Troian, she also is incredible, duh.

Carly Grace💕💕 (@misscarly41)
misscarly4112.01.2019 17:21:45

I clean my face, remind myself that I'm beautiful, and remind others they are beautiful.

Troian Bellisario 🇧🇷 (@toppertroian)
toppertroian12.01.2019 17:30:27

Basically I listen to great music, call my internet best friends and just laugh at everything. I guess smiling is self care

Berta Pinyol (@bertaa_77)
bertaa_7712.01.2019 20:34:21

@aynohagil24_  porque esta guapo hasta con eso?

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