Had the best time with my @hodinkee family last night. Can you tell which of us are vampires? 
Fun fact: vampires love watches because, to them, time - Keegan Allen (@keeoone)
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pretty little liars♡ (@shaysliarx)
shaysliarx21.12.2018 14:53:12

Hi I love you

Bea Aranda💙 (@beitta_aranda21)
beitta_aranda2121.12.2018 15:40:54


EMMA MOSEKJÆR (@emmamosekjaer)
emmamosekjaer21.12.2018 15:45:14

I love you Keegan Allen! ❤️

EMMA MOSEKJÆR (@emmamosekjaer)
emmamosekjaer21.12.2018 15:45:31

You look absolutely handsome! 💋

Yasmin Abdalla (@yasminohan)
yasminohan22.12.2018 01:02:40

Seus olhos... Virou um Power Rangers?

Tatiane Alves (@alves_thaty)
alves_thaty22.12.2018 02:30:27


Claudia Ravines (@clauravines)
clauravines22.12.2018 15:35:33

@keeoone  you are the vampire! And from now my favorite ❤️

Lily Danielle Porter (@lily_amongthe__thorns)
lily_amongthe__thorns23.12.2018 08:17:07

Great fashion sense 👌🏼 shiny eyes x 3 might be the give away 🤷🏼‍♀️

D I A N A 🌚🥀 (@diana_dcx)
diana_dcx26.12.2018 21:49:00


Piya Lal (@piya.lal)
piya.lal27.12.2018 10:46:46

Yooo can you pls respond to this comment 😂 bet $727373729229 you won’t...i think

Sarita Pincay (@franciscolara2015sari)
franciscolara2015sari27.12.2018 23:40:24

Que pase de lo mejor en este nuevo año

Julia✨ (@_ta_brzydka_)
_ta_brzydka_31.12.2018 20:13:25

Is that Paul Wesley

TEMITOPE JOHNSON (@temitopejoh)
temitopejoh05.01.2019 21:42:25


Abdullah Eren (@abdulaah.eren)
abdulaah.eren08.01.2019 11:57:07

“Every village must have its headman;

every needle must have its manufacturer

and craftsman.

And, as you know,

every letter must be written by someone.

How, then, can it be that

so extremely well-ordered a kingdom

should have no ruler?
-The Words, Risale-i Nur Collection

Dare2Love (@dare2loveeveryone)
dare2loveeveryone08.01.2019 16:47:50

Dare2Love is helping to bring awareness to Mental Health issues, and helping to shine a light on a topic that does not get the attention that it should. We are taking a stand against the mistreatments that people with mental illnesses receive because of the poor education that is given on this topic. We are learning to not only show love to ourselves but to those around us in the world at well

The Thousand Knot (@thethousandknot)
thethousandknot12.01.2019 07:42:33


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