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Daniella (@daniella_california_girl)
daniella_california_girl21.08.2018 18:13:08


💕K.E.H💕I follow back Kittens 🐱 (@emmafanofkp)
emmafanofkp26.08.2018 00:32:10

Did i just spend minutes to write this with the boomerang while the picture was just besides 😭 ? Lmao i am so dumb

Tapilotestela (@tapilotestela3)
tapilotestela303.09.2018 10:22:05


Tapilotestela (@tapilotestela3)
tapilotestela303.09.2018 10:22:08


Courtney (@courtneyxtd)
courtneyxtd05.09.2018 13:22:24

5;bene hai trovato la chiave,ora cerca Il tesoro nella pagina di @irama.plume 

Orhan Gazi (@orhan9217)
orhan921707.09.2018 06:37:12


♡ Amelia Catherine Noon ♡ (@lia_noon)
lia_noon08.09.2018 21:09:59

Love you katyyyyy

Bullet (@bulletfrendon)
bulletfrendon13.09.2018 03:34:05

Crazy how clones cant be damous

Chelsea Robertson (@chelseabuns2006)
chelseabuns200616.09.2018 06:28:39


lovelyloveishate21.09.2018 18:13:41

I love 💕 you


Follow for following

Demeures De Grece (@demeuresdegrece)
demeuresdegrece23.10.2018 08:51:31

This is awesome!

Rezamusavi (@rezamusavi1374)
rezamusavi137423.10.2018 17:34:42

ThaN whatz goin to hAppEN.

myself the other elf (@kitkatfishdinner)
kitkatfishdinner16.11.2018 22:23:21

I 🐶💭 had a dream. In the dream KP 🦄 was a judge on a panel. One of the contestants was revealing who they were to someone they got to know utilizing social media. This person was concerned about how the other individual would perceive their true identity. The individual took on an extremely stange undercover costume that shielded their identity. KP was crying identically to the moment of her therapy session which revealed her desire for freedom, acceptance, and authenticity. KP desired this for the contestant but she understood many people would not actually accept this individual. Her fear was that the individual would be hurt by the individual the social media connection had occurred. The dream is like art revealing life and life revealing art. What surfaced is behind the metaphors is TRUTH and symptoms of a societal symptom of a deeply felt desire by most humanity to connect authentically and have honest relationships. Her tears are our tears. Lets be honest all people need to be accepted as they truly are without the hatred and hurtful jeers. Give this gift to humanity 🎁

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