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Chris Appleton (@chrisappleton1)
chrisappleton109.06.2018 04:13:43


⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ CYN (@cynthialovely)
cynthialovely09.06.2018 15:41:00


Jamie Mizrahi (@sweetbabyjamie)
sweetbabyjamie12.06.2018 13:26:27


McKenzie Dearing (@mckenziedearing)
mckenziedearing09.06.2018 04:08:57

I literally tried reading that on the boomerang way too long before I realized there was another picture

KATY PERRY RARES (@katyperryrares)
katyperryrares09.06.2018 04:10:14

we love you! 👁💘

lucas (@sugarrluck)
sugarrluck09.06.2018 04:07:05

witness it’s such a bless

ROXY 🦋 (@roxy.48)
roxy.4809.06.2018 04:22:06


raimundo (@rvimundo)
rvimundo09.06.2018 04:08:22


Valeria Sánchez (@valeasb)
valeasb09.06.2018 04:24:05

make power a single is what we deserve

KATY PERRY PICTURES (@katyperrypictures)
katyperrypictures09.06.2018 04:11:42


zul_khnm09.06.2018 04:35:55

Why isn’t Witness a single

Donny Fadilah (@donnayfdlh)
donnayfdlh09.06.2018 04:20:29


Katy Perry Funniest (@katyperryfunniest)
katyperryfunniest09.06.2018 04:46:53

I love you so much and I miss you like crazy but my heart it’s full of joy because of this witness journey, thank you for see us and make us all feel special, loved and more connected than ever! 👁💙

MICHAEL ANTHONY (@manthony783)
manthony78309.06.2018 09:26:32


KATY PRETTY (@katypretty25)
katypretty2509.06.2018 04:18:36

Im crying,so beautiful. HAPPY 1 YEAR WITNESS,thank you very much for all Katy❤👁🎉🎈

ᶜᵃˡˡ ᵐᵉ ˡᵘᶜᵃˢ (@katyn.perry)
katyn.perry09.06.2018 04:12:57

Happy birthday i love you so much ❤👌 #oneyearwitness  #happybirthdaywitness  #welovewitness 

Katy Perry Fan Account (@katherynhudsonfan)
katherynhudsonfan09.06.2018 09:10:35

@katyperry  @arieamz  Your album helped so much, I was wondering many questions about me, my life, about everything. Then you came out, and you became my Witness. I fell in love with so many songs of this album because they are the same wavelength as my thoughts when the album came out. I remember when you talked with the therapist on the KPWWW and I remember when you picked up the word: “Freedom” (then you cried). Not a long after, I was in the same state of mind as yours when you picked up this word. You talked about depression, about suicide thoughts, about what and who you are, and that happened way before the KPWWW. I was in the same state of mind. This is why I love Witness, this is why I love you, because we are on the same wavelength. I love you Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson 👁♥️ and 👁 I C U 👁 HAPPY BIRTHDAY WITNESS !!!!!!!!!!

Mitsue Takiguchi (@takimitty)
takimitty09.06.2018 09:27:56

Happy 1 year mom! We love u♥️

-nora🌦 | (@katy_goddess)
katy_goddess09.06.2018 05:36:54

You helped throw hard times this year and witness helped me a lot i really wanna thank you. thank you for everything. i can see you and i love you so much ❤️🎂 #happybirthdaywitness 

wearekatycats (@rockonkatycats)
rockonkatycats09.06.2018 04:12:16

Happy birthday Witness....we love u so much Katy...we r for u forever and ever....

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