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سارا صادقی (@srsdqy51)
srsdqy5130.07.2018 07:50:48


Paula Rodrigues (@paullynhaah)
paullynhaah02.08.2018 09:52:38


hsh (@sjjji22)
sjjji2203.08.2018 02:48:44

@titi_isti  ayolah anbloken ,beri aku waktu

hsh (@sjjji22)
sjjji2203.08.2018 02:49:26

@titi_isti  anblokkkkkk 😭

fella_bts12.08.2018 08:23:43


salmanalshehhii26.08.2018 20:19:02


ho3ein (@ho3ein33_vv)
ho3ein33_vv28.08.2018 20:03:50

she borned devil

Mariami (@mariam_xarbedia)
mariam_xarbedia02.09.2018 10:59:32


Ali Alakbar (@a_alakbar)
a_alakbar03.09.2018 17:05:06


Anggun Maradika (@anggunmaradika07)
anggunmaradika0707.09.2018 05:00:57


Orhan Gazi (@orhan9217)
orhan921707.09.2018 06:38:31


madrid_drew11.09.2018 04:22:05

A star was born

Anderson  Bigeli (@andbigely)
andbigely13.09.2018 16:52:41


😙tongans (@avaka310)
avaka31015.09.2018 05:37:30


nando (@who_am_i__hollywood)
who_am_i__hollywood16.09.2018 02:58:17

Have my baby?

💝Al_MOMYZA💝BLOGGER   _ المميزة (@al_momyza)
al_momyza18.09.2018 18:36:10


A ░ Y ▒ O ▓ D ░ E ▒ J ▓ I (@deejayhighbee)
deejayhighbee30.09.2018 21:54:08

Fabulous shot

avonlymg13.10.2018 19:57:56

god said in the holy quran ( 15. And We have enjoined on man to be dutiful and kind to his parents. His mother bears him with hardship and she brings him forth with hardship, and the bearing of him, and the weaning of him is thirty (30) months, till when he attains full strength and reaches forty years, he says: "My Lord! Grant me the power and ability that I may be grateful for Your Favour which You have bestowed upon me and upon my parents, and that I may do righteous good deeds, such as please You, and make my off-spring good. Truly, I have turned to You in repentance, and truly, I am one of the Muslims (submitting to Your Will)." 16. They are those from whom We shall accept the best of their deeds and overlook their evil deeds. (They shall be) among the dwellers of Paradise, a promise of truth, which they have been promised.

17. But he who says to his parents: "Fie upon you both! Do you hold out the promise to me that I shall be raised up (again) when generations before me have passed away (without rising)?" While they (father and mother) invoke Allah for help (and rebuke their son): "Woe to you! Believe! Verily, the Promise of Allah is true." But he says: "This is nothing but the tales of the ancient." 18. They are those against whom the Word (of torment) is justified among the previous generations of jinns and mankind that have passed away. Verily! They are ever the losers. @madonna  @katyperry  @kyliejenner 

Hanny (@makeup_by_hanny)
makeup_by_hanny18.10.2018 09:56:08

Your momma give a life to you, but you give yours to the devil, poor momma 😢

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