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santiago andres (@santydiazandres)
santydiazandres04.12.2017 21:07:43

santiago andres (@santydiazandres)
santydiazandres04.12.2017 21:07:43

santiago andres (@santydiazandres)
santydiazandres04.12.2017 21:07:44

santiago andres (@santydiazandres)
santydiazandres04.12.2017 21:07:53

😁Emma Hart!😁 (@_emma_brooke5_)
_emma_brooke5_05.12.2017 18:33:55

No body wants to see saggy melons you fricken retarded person that puts a tutu on back wards

shadyceleb (@shadyceleb_ir)
shadyceleb_ir06.12.2017 06:52:32


Payton Glasgow (@paytonpickle)
paytonpickle06.12.2017 17:58:09

Loooooooooooooooove it 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

kikebaeb👑 (@kikebaeb)
kikebaeb07.12.2017 13:48:31


meg lloyd🌎 (@_megelle_)
_megelle_07.12.2017 16:31:36

Hello Ms. Katy Perry💖 My little sister is 15 & was supposed to see you in concert at VanAndel tonight. Unfortunately she was in the hospital last night with kidney stones & cannot go to your concert tonight. I know the chances of you responding are really slim but this year has been really hard on her because not only does she have kidney stones but she also was just recently diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis and has struggled with that too. I just thought I would try to reach out and see if anything could happen. Thank you so much for even reading this if you do:) good luck tonight from 2 very big fans who wish we could see you tonight!❤️

Beatriz ionela (@bea.ela)
bea.ela08.12.2017 08:34:47

@duastwin  ,al final vamos a ir mañana a ver a mi prima asi q si puedo quedar hoyyyyy

Juan Novo (@juannov_)
juannov_08.12.2017 13:51:58


MatthewAlbertLincolnBiggs (@matthewalbertlincoln)
matthewalbertlincoln09.12.2017 11:04:16

@millie_mcmanus  😻

Mari_barba1 (@barbaqadze1)
barbaqadze109.12.2017 12:12:21


Pretty Boy (@waheedshahabi)
waheedshahabi09.12.2017 21:23:35

@pasoonilham  drik?

santiago andres (@santydiazandres)
santydiazandres10.12.2017 00:52:31


santiago andres (@santydiazandres)
santydiazandres10.12.2017 00:52:33


Sharmbella® (@sharmbella_official)
sharmbella_official10.12.2017 00:52:36

👒👌✨Cheers! ✨🎄✨

💕Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson 💕 (@dressinup_katy)
dressinup_katy10.12.2017 13:46:17

My freaking beautiful queen ❤️❤️

P A S O O N      I L H A M ♏ (@pasoonilham)
pasoonilham10.12.2017 15:04:10

Føøøøøj!!! Fik gåsehud 😂😂😂😂😂😂 @waheedshahabi 

Pretty Boy (@waheedshahabi)
waheedshahabi10.12.2017 15:05:18

@pasoonilham  hahahhh har bare ventet på din reaktion bro

P A S O O N      I L H A M ♏ (@pasoonilham)
pasoonilham10.12.2017 15:06:17

@waheedshahabi  fik den der reaktion 😂😂😂😂

2AM 🎃 (@madeat2am)
madeat2am11.12.2017 01:50:50


Caves Don't Close Doven (@cavesdontclose)
cavesdontclose11.12.2017 12:38:33

Lorenzo Irrera (@lolloirre)
lolloirre11.12.2017 14:31:14


Nayeli Uribe🌸 (@nayeli_uribe)
nayeli_uribe12.12.2017 20:00:33


Jadson Neves (@jadson.neves2121)
jadson.neves212113.12.2017 14:01:09

Beauty ❤

wesleythewall (@asyouwishwesley)
asyouwishwesley13.12.2017 14:04:34

My mother would be proud of you.

Rafa maya (@rafael_maya_)
rafael_maya_13.12.2017 22:56:32

@trespacos  lo mismo pensé 😳❤️

Rudra (@confusedutsha)
confusedutsha15.12.2017 01:18:14

I can help you finish these..

marti🐱 (@lorenadc70)
lorenadc7015.12.2017 02:47:39


H E R U W I J A Y A (@heruwjy)
heruwjy16.12.2017 01:04:20


katy perry (@katy_perrykacts)
katy_perrykacts16.12.2017 18:07:55

katy perry (@katy_perrykacts)
katy_perrykacts16.12.2017 18:07:55


Анна Жигалова (@an_zhigalova)
an_zhigalova16.12.2017 19:33:41


Aleyna | MCIG (@aleynqs)
aleynqs17.12.2017 06:40:59


Sarah Pott (@sarah.pott)
sarah.pott17.12.2017 14:09:27


nicole dimas (@dimas.nicole)
dimas.nicole17.12.2017 21:51:55

#myfavoritepopprincess  love u Katy Rock on💖

Akshay sani (@mr_men_on_wheel)
mr_men_on_wheel18.12.2017 03:25:34


alisa (@alisakiskis)
alisakiskis18.12.2017 15:19:00

Жги !Огонь!!!!!😘😘👩‍🎤👩‍🎤👩‍🎤👩‍🎤👩‍🎤👩‍🎤👩‍🎤👩‍🎤👩‍🎤👩‍🎤👩‍🎤👩‍🎤👩‍🎤👩‍🎤👩‍🎤

devincampbell90618.12.2017 20:30:53


Luce♡ (@luce_palacio)
luce_palacio19.12.2017 19:05:30


katy perry (@katy_perrykacts)
katy_perrykacts19.12.2017 23:49:40

katy perry (@katy_perrykacts)
katy_perrykacts19.12.2017 23:49:40

katy perry (@katy_perrykacts)
katy_perrykacts19.12.2017 23:49:41

غلام (@glm2227)
glm222721.12.2017 14:56:21


Sabrina (@sahcabellooo)
sahcabellooo21.12.2017 18:49:05

Bebê linda

Logan (@loganmcairnes)
loganmcairnes22.12.2017 01:54:07

Omg @katyperry  start your own pb&j company❤😁

14, Sthlm 💌🥂 (@mitra.alize)
mitra.alize22.12.2017 12:13:39

My butt is a good game for me and I don’t even have a good game at the whole game I just want you and I can do something like this game but I would love it because it would have to go back and get the game and I would have a game like this.

nath💗 (@nath.napoli)
nath.napoli23.12.2017 12:26:52


santiago andres (@santydiazandres)
santydiazandres24.12.2017 15:42:46

santiago andres (@santydiazandres)
santydiazandres24.12.2017 15:42:47

santiago andres (@santydiazandres)
santydiazandres24.12.2017 15:42:48

sunset (@purplered_sunset)
purplered_sunset24.12.2017 20:11:49


yeosin_kwin25.12.2017 06:22:56

I miss this Katy😥

Solo (@north_cherry_)
north_cherry_25.12.2017 13:22:19

hey bitches, subscribe and no one will suffer!

Khlobo117 (@khlobo117)
khlobo11726.12.2017 17:15:46

I love you Katy

Eva Morgan💙 (@eva.songbird)
eva.songbird29.12.2017 11:32:17

Beautiful Katy!!!

María (@he4she_)
he4she_29.12.2017 21:40:14

Katy turn back to the black hair plz :(

Tabrizi (@tabrizi3620)
tabrizi362030.12.2017 01:45:11

@vida_sharbati  ازت خاهش میکنم جوابمو بده

AvaD (@avad890)
avad89001.01.2018 02:10:13

Looks delicious

T i r i l  P e t t e r s e n (@tirilpettersen)
tirilpettersen02.01.2018 08:20:51


KATY PERRY (@katy.perry.kp)
katy.perry.kp02.01.2018 12:55:23

@katyperry  You know you r a stunner

katy perry (@katy_perrykacts)
katy_perrykacts03.01.2018 01:06:25


katy perry (@katy_perrykacts)
katy_perrykacts03.01.2018 01:06:33

❤ I love katy perry

katy perry (@katy_perrykacts)
katy_perrykacts03.01.2018 01:06:42

My favorite katy perry

katy perry (@katy_perrykacts)
katy_perrykacts03.01.2018 01:06:48

❤😍 my love

katy perry (@katy_perrykacts)
katy_perrykacts03.01.2018 01:07:06

I love ❤😍

katy perry (@katy_perrykacts)
katy_perrykacts03.01.2018 01:07:21

My love you

katy perry (@katy_perrykacts)
katy_perrykacts03.01.2018 01:07:31


katy perry (@katy_perrykacts)
katy_perrykacts03.01.2018 01:07:32


katy perry (@katy_perrykacts)
katy_perrykacts03.01.2018 01:07:48

My love toy 2018

katy perry (@katy_perrykacts)
katy_perrykacts03.01.2018 01:07:56

2018 suerte

katy perry (@katy_perrykacts)
katy_perrykacts03.01.2018 01:07:59

Katy perry

katy perry (@katy_perrykacts)
katy_perrykacts03.01.2018 01:08:03


katy perry (@katy_perrykacts)
katy_perrykacts03.01.2018 01:08:09


katy perry (@katy_perrykacts)
katy_perrykacts03.01.2018 01:08:11


katy perry (@katy_perrykacts)
katy_perrykacts03.01.2018 01:14:42

Hermosa katu

katy perry (@katy_perrykacts)
katy_perrykacts03.01.2018 01:14:47

Katy muy hermosa

katy perry (@katy_perrykacts)
katy_perrykacts04.01.2018 01:21:24


katy perry (@katy_perrykacts)
katy_perrykacts04.01.2018 01:21:28


Glorinela Espinoza (@glorinela_espinoza)
glorinela_espinoza04.01.2018 21:22:40

This is me at lunch time c:

Ruby Warrington (@number1katykat)
number1katykat05.01.2018 00:59:12

I llllllllooooooooovvvvvvvvveeeeee it

Ruby Warrington (@number1katykat)
number1katykat05.01.2018 00:59:39

Katy your amazing @katyperry  💋💋💋💋💋💋

Ruby Warrington (@number1katykat)
number1katykat05.01.2018 01:01:38

I can’t wait until your nz tour u inspire me I’m your biggest fan I love your personality and everything about you your amazing and I can’t wait to see swish swish at your tour in nz

Ruby Warrington (@number1katykat)
number1katykat05.01.2018 01:02:14


Ruby Warrington (@number1katykat)
number1katykat05.01.2018 01:04:24

So awsome

Ruby Warrington (@number1katykat)
number1katykat05.01.2018 01:04:48


Kristen Johnson (@candycane90909)
candycane9090905.01.2018 11:02:44

This is the cutest photo

sourourhfaydiya (@sourourhfaydiya)
sourourhfaydiya08.01.2018 08:23:46


santiago andres (@santydiazandres)
santydiazandres08.01.2018 09:50:00


santiago andres (@santydiazandres)
santydiazandres08.01.2018 09:50:01


Vlada🖤🦄 (@voronych.vl)
voronych.vl09.01.2018 05:06:28

The best

Roi Parra (@roiparra)
roiparra10.01.2018 23:12:35


✖Trinity✖ (@trinioknoxd)
trinioknoxd11.01.2018 13:39:06


Kyaw Hlaing (@ferose4762)
ferose476212.01.2018 00:32:36

So cute

Hilton Felisz (@hiltonfelisz)
hiltonfelisz15.01.2018 10:30:03

Is math related to science?

Tamara Morales🌻 (@tmg.18)
tmg.1816.01.2018 03:16:32


Neelu Sahu (@neelusahu312)
neelusahu31217.01.2018 06:09:35


Chiara Montresor™ (@chiaraamontresor)
chiaraamontresor17.01.2018 10:02:02

Viva la dieta

Hermione burrell (@hermioneburrell_)
hermioneburrell_18.01.2018 07:12:18

@keziarosenberg  ❤️❤️❤️

Storm Shadow 🔥🔥 (@honey_vadhwani_99)
honey_vadhwani_9922.01.2018 13:22:59

Love u my first love😘😘

Sara EM (@saralalalandia)
saralalalandia22.01.2018 23:36:00

Aww man, this should be you!! @giugiubindi 

Valzee (@meowvalgal)
meowvalgal23.01.2018 23:47:33

You're absolutely stunning in raven hair

__milad_khodamoradi24.01.2018 06:09:21

Hello katy i love you

Tictacfairy&AlbanianGirlfriend (@tictacfairy.gf.albanian.gf)
tictacfairy.gf.albanian.gf24.01.2018 06:16:12

@strefie  baby you know I love my self so much, I Se my face and my freckles and I adore what I am and I have infinite faith in my self like I just know what I am will for ever like literally in the next life and for all eternity I know I'll be beautiful and functional and this moment in this life I Se just like a speck compared to infinity but infinity is how long we will be together! I feel my heart beat and I listen to my heart beat and I know I'm strong and healthy and I have no issues and I know I could live to be surfing and being well at the age of 100 and I don't mind if you want to have ten other husbands, I won't even stand in your way, but you know me, if one of them is delicious I mite want a taste! But you know I know we know we like to be alone together allot and I know we could spend years alone together and will be fine with seeing other people and even sharing our self with other people affectionately together, I love my self alone as well though baby, I seriously know I'm never alone because I'm allwase with you and Tictac fairy but I adore what I am everyday and I know it's my job to become as strong and good at my talents as I can so I can be more of what I love and also so I can be here for you!! I love you babys @katyperry  @kimkardashian  @theangelawhite  @strefie  @kanyewestt_official 

Olivia McKown (@lil__liv)
lil__liv24.01.2018 14:30:51

Bon appétit baby!

ゲール (@geeeeeru)
geeeeeru24.01.2018 20:16:16

i miss katy’s Raven hair 🖤🖤🖤

وفاباقري (@vafa.bagheri)
vafa.bagheri27.01.2018 04:55:21

کیتی پری بهم انگیزه میدی . عاشقتم

Joey✨ (@joeythekatycat)
joeythekatycat28.01.2018 04:11:41


Stevie Krouse (@skrouze)
skrouze02.02.2018 05:09:56

@katyperry  💝

AngieDelariePinupPhotography (@angiedelariepinupphotography)
angiedelariepinupphotography02.02.2018 12:38:10

Those shoes are simply strawberryific

Shandelle Saavedra😘 (@shandelle_dknl07)
shandelle_dknl0708.02.2018 07:22:15

Bon apetit💖

JPATRON (@camilothegod)
camilothegod09.02.2018 05:10:59


Kaio com K de Kardashian (@strongerblue)
strongerblue10.02.2018 11:14:59

@mssarahcatharinepaulson  omg😍

_fevzicengiz11.02.2018 11:44:26


Ant👁nella Ramöna (@_a.babyblue_)
_a.babyblue_15.02.2018 14:09:09

So illuminati

ᒪᗩᖇᗩ💐 (@xsydneyxo)
xsydneyxo21.02.2018 17:03:34

So pretty

Emily Yellen (@yellenemily)
yellenemily28.02.2018 17:29:47

I love your songs

Sepehr Navab (@sepehrnavab1993)
sepehrnavab199303.03.2018 15:10:17

خيليشا دادي

Rae (@100swedishfish)
100swedishfish17.03.2018 01:26:36


Media Towers Gh (@mediatowersgh)
mediatowersgh18.03.2018 14:52:45


Anthony Lee (@anthonylee132)
anthonylee13222.03.2018 11:22:29

ew. u look like my mamaw when her hair was dark

Kamala Limbaugh (@kamalalimbaugh)
kamalalimbaugh22.03.2018 11:45:54

I can smell the peanut butter from Sister.. ⚡️🔹💥🔹⚡️🔹🦖

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