A totally unexpected find deep within the mountains on our recent trip to China. I’m still debating whether or not it’s a doorway to another realm - w - Jordan Hammond (@jordhammond)
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Mo 🍃🌬 (@_hoyzee)
_hoyzee12.06.2019 15:59:04

Literally, go in it

N i c o  L a v s y o u (@nicolavsyou)
nicolavsyou12.06.2019 15:58:02

did u enter to find out?

J e r o e n. (@bucketlistjeroen)
bucketlistjeroen12.06.2019 15:32:28

Totally walk in🤙🤙

Lerone Moncrieffe (@dacopyboi)
dacopyboi12.06.2019 15:00:32

Wow this is Amazing

Mountain & Outdoor Photography (@marsography)
marsography12.06.2019 14:54:23

Cool man, what is this? 😍

Alex & Grace (@theunoriginalcouple)
theunoriginalcouple12.06.2019 14:50:26

Deffo another realm! So cool!

Rebecca Arippol (@rebecca.arippol)
rebecca.arippol12.06.2019 12:14:01

Very nice

ロジェリオ (@thelionatic)
thelionatic12.06.2019 11:52:12

You should've given us a sneak peek 😂

Lavender garnet (@lavendergarnet)
lavendergarnet12.06.2019 11:39:00

Haunted cave system...

Aaron Parker (@aaronparker1693)
aaronparker169312.06.2019 11:32:47

So weird! What was inside the mouth? You must have stepped inside 🤯

ANTÓNIO TEIXEIRA (@moody.antonio)
moody.antonio12.06.2019 11:18:31

Abaha such a cool one

Nadja | Traveller (@nadja_lifeasitis)
nadja_lifeasitis12.06.2019 10:39:36

Looks so not real😮

Photographer || dhison (@dhisvn)
dhisvn12.06.2019 09:41:24


Swapnil Jain (@_iphonographer)
_iphonographer12.06.2019 09:34:53

Oh damn. Nice find! 🔥

THE 5TH (@the5th)
the5th12.06.2019 09:31:44

😲😲 Awesome!!

Hai Nguyen (@vuhai.ng)
vuhai.ng12.06.2019 09:17:46

Wew will be there one day 🙌🏻

JOÃO&ALEXANDRA | Travel Couple (@odysseus.our)
odysseus.our12.06.2019 08:47:14

That’s the richness of traveling! Finding these unexpected treasures 😍

Nuray Incekürk (@nurayincekurk)
nurayincekurk12.06.2019 07:47:47

If this is a dragon door, I don't wonder what's behind that door!🙈👹But thank you for letting us know.😉😍😍

Kevin Tenorio (@kevinten0rio)
kevinten0rio12.06.2019 07:22:55

Amazing 😍🙏

kdkook (@kdkook)
kdkook12.06.2019 07:19:47


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