While Hongyadong is now the perfect mix between modern and traditional China, I can only imagine how impressive it must have looked during the 14th ce - Jordan Hammond (@jordhammond)
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Johannes Hulsch | Germany (@bokehm0n)
bokehm0n06.06.2019 16:22:47

Ambient City👌

Matthew Hahnel (@matthewhahnel)
matthewhahnel06.06.2019 15:33:16

Woah that place is insane 🤯

Olivier Wong (@wonguy974)
wonguy97406.06.2019 14:15:02

Nice place 😍

Stephanie Li (@stephanieliphoto)
stephanieliphoto06.06.2019 14:11:45

This shot is so cool 😍 I was just in Chongqing a few days ago!

Karl ‘Shakur’ N. (@karl_shakur)
karl_shakur06.06.2019 14:11:41

What the actual heck dude. Are you ever gonna run out of photos ?

Extended Blink (@extendedblinks)
extendedblinks06.06.2019 14:11:40

I swear this was in an assassins creed game

Piovesan (@piove.san)
piove.san06.06.2019 14:10:46

🤙🤙🤙 awesome edit! 🌁🌁🌁

Sophia Pope (@sophiapope)
sophiapope06.06.2019 14:10:41

You’re a damn genius

Laura Denoun (@12noun)
12noun06.06.2019 14:10:25


Harman Singh Heer (@hshphotos)
hshphotos06.06.2019 14:09:40

Beautiful! Love the stars!

Rohit Gathala (@rohitgathala)
rohitgathala06.06.2019 14:08:17

I wanna meet the aliens so 2560 BC Egypt🤘

Zuhier (@zuhieralif)
zuhieralif06.06.2019 14:07:41

Tips on how to take at this moment!

DoseOfNature - Travel (@doseof_nature)
doseof_nature06.06.2019 14:06:04

Nice one mate! I really enjoy your style! 💚

Alex Groeper (@adventurealexphoto)
adventurealexphoto06.06.2019 14:05:31

Crazy one man 👌🏼👌🏼

T H I A G O | filmmaker (@thsworld)
thsworld06.06.2019 14:02:48

The king of China photography 🙏

IMadeDikaPebriyanta (@dikapebriyanta)
dikapebriyanta06.06.2019 14:01:24

Good place🔥

LARA GARCIA (@larapgarcia)
larapgarcia06.06.2019 14:00:58

Sick shot🔥

Aaron Matthew Beharry (@aaronmbeharry)
aaronmbeharry06.06.2019 14:00:15

So wonderful 😍

Heidi (@where_to_heidiboo)
where_to_heidiboo06.06.2019 13:55:34

Incredible! The shot. The location. 😍

JLux Photography ↟ 🇧🇪 (@jeroen.luyckx)
jeroen.luyckx06.06.2019 13:53:56

Fantastic picture! 👌

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