Urban China meets rural China in chaotic harmony. I can’t begin to imagine what to do if you got lost on this interchange... In other news, I’m finall - Jordan Hammond (@jordhammond)
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Max Muench | German Roamer (@muenchmax)
muenchmax05.06.2019 16:10:17

Wanna go to China so bad!

Travel x Nature 🌎 (@pixrover)
pixrover05.06.2019 14:03:50

Damn these crazy roads! 🤯

tatay201 (@tatay201)
tatay20105.06.2019 14:03:41

those engineers tho 👀

Tee (@faeriequeenhollow)
faeriequeenhollow05.06.2019 14:03:25

Whoa! I’m supposing Waze wouldn’t work here 😎

Vlad Costache (@vladd_mh)
vladd_mh05.06.2019 14:03:02

Banger shot!!! 💙💙

James Lloyd Cole (@jameslloydcole)
jameslloydcole05.06.2019 14:02:19

Beautiful chaos 😍

EDIN KOJIC (@edinkojic)
edinkojic05.06.2019 14:00:58

It is fascinating how many kilometres per year they actually build compared to other countries. Seems like there are no limits for China! Great shot Jord!🙌🏼

FREYA KILLIN. (@freyakillin)
freyakillin05.06.2019 13:59:02

So sick 😻

Iphone 3GS / 6  From 🇫🇷 (@apach29)
apach2905.06.2019 13:58:56

😱 Crazy

Bayu Anggoro (@kabutpelangi_)
kabutpelangi_05.06.2019 13:58:39

Awesome composition line jord😍❤️❤️

Travel Photography|Alfon & Gon (@thetravelertwins)
thetravelertwins05.06.2019 13:56:59

Keeo the china shots coming!!😍😍

Y R O N  Q U I N T O (@yronquinto)
yronquinto05.06.2019 13:56:47

Noiceeee! 🤙🏼 Wondering how they built that?! 🤔

Thomas Luisier | Switzerland (@thomas.luisier)
thomas.luisier05.06.2019 13:55:57

This interchange looks crazy 🤯

Hugo Healy (@hugohealy)
hugohealy05.06.2019 13:54:53

Dude, totally insane

Tobias Hägg (@airpixels)
airpixels05.06.2019 13:54:30

Beautiful man ! Those mooooontains ✌🏻

Kellan Hendry (@kellansworld)
kellansworld05.06.2019 13:54:19


Alex (@alexkingrichards)
alexkingrichards05.06.2019 13:53:37

Damn man. This is just crazy

JIMMY & TAH | TRAVEL COUPLE (@divertliving)
divertliving05.06.2019 13:52:33

Wow haha wrong turn will have you off path for atleast an hour hahaha

M Okka | Explore 🐾 (@mokkaiko)
mokkaiko05.06.2019 13:51:11

Dang !!!! Cool!

RAQUEL & MIGUEL (@explorerssaurus_)
explorerssaurus_05.06.2019 13:51:02

This is so crazy 🙌

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