We spent our final day here in Guizhou exploring its concrete jungle of a capital. Tomorrow we are finally heading back to Chongqing, where this crazy - Jordan Hammond (@jordhammond)
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Andy Fergus (@andy_fergus)
andy_fergus10.06.2019 04:19:24

Hi Jord do you sell your images at all? I’m an Australian architect and love this image

Robert Jahns (@nois7)
nois701.06.2019 20:06:30

Whaaat??! I‘ve never seen that before 😍

Stephanie Elward (@s_elward)
s_elward01.06.2019 15:42:26

Omg. This is my favourite pic of yours EVER Xx

Cara Lam 🇦🇺🇭🇰🇺🇸🇯🇵 (@thecaradventures)
thecaradventures01.06.2019 15:34:32

What is this building??!!! Parks??? Apartments??? 😂😍

Julian Herbrig | Germany (@care4art)
care4art01.06.2019 15:24:06

I just zoomed in like a creep haha

Katrina Godley (@godleykatrina)
godleykatrina01.06.2019 14:59:39

This is incredible! Xx

Viet + Lana (@traveladdicts_v.l)
traveladdicts_v.l01.06.2019 14:49:01

OMG until when will you be in Chongqing? We’re flying there on Thursday

Even Tryggstrand (@eventyr)
eventyr01.06.2019 14:32:41


Ben Pinto (@ben.pinto)
ben.pinto01.06.2019 14:30:20

All those colors are so perfect

B A R T ✌🏻 (@bartblachnio)
bartblachnio01.06.2019 14:29:30

always super excited for China picks, you're showing me more of that country than I ever thought I'd see.

HANNAH & NICK (@saltinourhair)
saltinourhair01.06.2019 14:26:26

Colorsssss!! Yaaas, love this so much Jordan 🙏

Cape Town // South Africa 🇿🇦 (@craighowes)
craighowes01.06.2019 14:18:56

So fucken cool man

André Alexander | Germany (@formgestalter)
formgestalter01.06.2019 14:17:17

Wtf 😅😍👍

Chandni Kohar (@shades_of_mylife)
shades_of_mylife01.06.2019 14:15:07

Amazing picture

Lesa Dawman (@lesadawman)
lesadawman01.06.2019 14:15:01

This is just amazing😇

Remon Rijper (@remonrijper)
remonrijper01.06.2019 14:14:52

These colors! 🤩 Concrete buildings aren’t that boring grey if you get the right angle 😉

THE GLOBBERS (@the_globbers)
the_globbers01.06.2019 14:14:48

Whaaaat?? Insane 💙

ROBERT & MATILDA (@anotherday_inheaven)
anotherday_inheaven01.06.2019 14:14:42

So dope 😃

Filbert Huynh (@filbert.h)
filbert.h01.06.2019 14:14:41

What’s the name of this building, Jord?

Lost_World_Treasures 💎 ©® (@lost_world_treasures)
lost_world_treasures01.06.2019 14:14:13

Amazing 😍

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