Perhaps one of the countries best kept secrets, Fanjingshan is one of the five sacred Buddhist mountains of China. We spent this morning waiting in an - Jordan Hammond (@jordhammond)
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China Bespoke Journeys (@wildchinatravel)
wildchinatravel03.06.2019 06:22:12

What a stunning photo of a beautiful place!! Good things really do come to those who wait 😍

Kyle Vollaers (@kylevollaers)
kylevollaers01.06.2019 10:17:46

You fkn popped the lid on this one mate! What a banger!🤘🏻

Meghan Maloney | New Zealand (@meghanmaloneyphotography)
meghanmaloneyphotography01.06.2019 09:40:59

Whoa this is sensational 😍

Mylène Cybele Sopacua (@mylenecybele)
mylenecybele01.06.2019 06:36:14

Crazy! 😳 Especially since it was covered with fog completely the entire time

Bree 🌙 Travel + Adventure (@eyeofshe)
eyeofshe01.06.2019 03:41:33

Incredible 😍

Suta | Bali Photographer (@sutarahady)
sutarahady01.06.2019 03:19:22

Dang!!! Unreal man 😍😍

Callum Snape (@calsnape)
calsnape01.06.2019 03:15:24

Whaaaaaa 🤯

Matt Horspool - Sydney, AU (@etchd)
etchd01.06.2019 01:16:47

Dude you found heaven

Matty Eisen (@mattyeisen)
mattyeisen01.06.2019 01:16:45


Shanghwan | Visual Storyteller (@shanghwanlife)
shanghwanlife01.06.2019 01:09:09

It's definitely not easy to make it to the top, i was here 5 years ago 🔥

THE HUNTER EFFECT (@zehravictoria)
zehravictoria01.06.2019 01:01:06

Wow perfect capture 🙌🏼

Sunetra ✈ Travel & Adventure (@globetrottingsu)
globetrottingsu01.06.2019 00:58:34

How beautiful! It looks sooo stunning

Stacia Hammond (@staciahammond)
staciahammond01.06.2019 00:51:35

Gorgeous ❤️!!!

Amy Lauren | South Africa (@amylaurenren)
amylaurenren01.06.2019 00:46:14

Stunning! 💫

Ty Newcomb (@eye.of.ty)
eye.of.ty01.06.2019 00:18:09

Damn bro 😍 that’s unreal

Jamie Justus Out (@jamieout)
jamieout31.05.2019 22:10:59

Well that’s the craziest shot ever. Well done Jord

Luke Jackson-Clark (@watchluke)
watchluke31.05.2019 21:26:19

You are killing it

Julius Kähkönen (@visualsofjulius)
visualsofjulius31.05.2019 21:12:14


Meagan Lindsey Bourne (@mlbourne)
mlbourne31.05.2019 21:03:44

This is insaaaane 😍

Jake Guzman (@jguzmannn)
jguzmannn31.05.2019 18:59:59


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