China has some of the coolest modern libraries in the world, and this is definitely my favourite! I sure hope that the rest of the world catches on on - Jordan Hammond (@jordhammond)
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Andy To (@andyto)
andyto01.06.2019 01:16:39


Asif Khan (@theotherelement)
theotherelement31.05.2019 03:22:13

Reflection 🔥

WHITNEY | World Travel 🌿 (@whitneywandering)
whitneywandering31.05.2019 03:20:25

Ah I would get so lost😍

Cruz (@cruz_n_the_world)
cruz_n_the_world31.05.2019 03:15:08

Really cool 🤘

Ayman👌 (@ayman_t21)
ayman_t2131.05.2019 02:49:51

Beautiful 😍😍

Alexandre Telles (@tellesalexandre)
tellesalexandre31.05.2019 02:44:27

Yeeeeesss, I was hoping this happen, nice!

NICO | Travel YouTuber (@wearenico)
wearenico31.05.2019 02:14:17

This is so cool I've not been to this one yet. I love the one in Nanjing it's in an old car park. The one in Tianjin was pretty disappointing considering its all fake books, these look real are they??

Taylor Brooke Williams (@taylor_brooke_williams)
taylor_brooke_williams31.05.2019 01:55:39

You have some truly amazing work on your page !!! Keep it up 😍✨✨✨✨✨📸

Wilson Chen (@wilsonch3n)
wilsonch3n31.05.2019 01:37:53

Nice shot 🙌🔥

BROOKE MIKEY ✨ TRAVEL (@brookemky)
brookemky31.05.2019 00:37:11

This is hectic 😍🙌🏻

Felix (@quasarstorm)
quasarstorm31.05.2019 00:25:01

Answering your question, Finland. Not for the design (it’s nice, but there are fancier libraries) but for the activities you can do there for free. They turned the concept into an open space with technology available for everyone, including 3D printing machines, drawing screens and even gaming areas, music studios for band practice with free instruments acoustic & electric, music editing software, djing equipment... if only the country wasn’t turning into such a cesspool of neonazism i might still live there. Too much xenophobia (and growing) and VonClownstick worship... it makes me feel disgusted just to think of it.

Free Spirit Wanderers (@modestescapes)
modestescapes31.05.2019 00:12:12

This is amazing

Jake + Jaz 🌴 (@findandsea_)
findandsea_30.05.2019 23:58:28

Banger town

Matt Barbeau 🇨🇦 (@toose52)
toose5230.05.2019 23:46:57

This is so dope, man🤙

A R Y A 🇮🇩 (@aryapriambodo_)
aryapriambodo_30.05.2019 23:45:37

Wow amazing reflection

★ josie jiang ★ (@jiang_josie)
jiang_josie30.05.2019 23:44:11

Tianjin 天津

Ben MacDougall (@ben__macdougall)
ben__macdougall30.05.2019 23:34:26

Awesome Jord 👌

1996 (@parisepablo)
parisepablo30.05.2019 23:16:58

El Ateneo Grand Splendid in Buenos Aires for sure.

Kay (@kayvanhuisseling)
kayvanhuisseling30.05.2019 23:16:49

Broooo madnesss😍

Hannah Ft Max | Travel Blogger (@thehopefulhitchhikers)
thehopefulhitchhikers30.05.2019 23:08:52

This is really cool

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