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Emilee Miller (@emileemiller1)
emileemiller111.07.2019 23:06:49

That last shot😍

tori vaughan (@torivaughan)
torivaughan11.07.2019 23:12:32

@holderread_r  !!!! Wow!! You are so beautiful !!!❤️

allie (@pritchettallie)
pritchettallie12.07.2019 02:28:25

Love this family and love the pictures!!!

Rachel (@holderread_r)
holderread_r12.07.2019 04:04:24

Ahhhh thank you! You're taking me down memory lane with this post! 😭 I loved all the sweet girls in that photography class & summer bible study. 💕 Jordan, you have given us a treasure with these pics, especially of the kids....they are just perfect!

Julien Preszburger Designer (@atelier_preszburger)
atelier_preszburger13.07.2019 11:20:21

cela donne envie

Kenzie Powderly (@kenziepowderly)
kenziepowderly13.07.2019 19:19:19

Your photos are beautiful! You’re so talented!

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