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Nidhi Patel (@nidhi_197)
nidhi_19717.05.2019 02:39:42


Cristian Pava (@pavart)
pavart17.05.2019 03:19:08


SONI KOHLI (@sonikohli)
sonikohli17.05.2019 03:57:23

omg 😍

DB Photography (@db_photography_org)
db_photography_org17.05.2019 04:35:42

wow, that‘s great, want to do this too ☺️

mia rinaldi (@miarinaldi_)
miarinaldi_17.05.2019 05:00:58

I’m making this my wallpaper

saltysaif17.05.2019 05:16:29

ohhh maaaaa gawsh 😍 insane 🔥

Maja Moan (@majamoan)
majamoan17.05.2019 06:40:23

Oh this looks epic⚡️⚡️

Umair Shaikh 📸 (@umairshaikh)
umairshaikh17.05.2019 14:14:44

dope view my brother killer shot

Fashion Photographer (@portraitsbysudansh)
portraitsbysudansh17.05.2019 15:22:44

wow.. what an amazing location

Anghelov (@anghelov)
anghelov17.05.2019 16:20:21

Spectacular shot 🙌! Love the composition my friend!

Chérie | Vancouver (@cherieleexo)
cherieleexo17.05.2019 18:05:40

Feet on the ground

Kelly Przy (@kelly.przy)
kelly.przy17.05.2019 21:43:11

Wow this is so sick!

William Backman (@willebackmann)
willebackmann17.05.2019 21:55:30

What lens did u use?😅

greg_cult17.05.2019 22:18:21

Crazy shots my man!!!

Christina Tuong♡ (@crysteenatee)
crysteenatee17.05.2019 23:28:35

I've been thinking about do this. Was it worth it?! The shots r so beautiful

A K A Y (@akchuang)
akchuang18.05.2019 21:26:35

LMFAO that foot dangle tho

Mega Photographers (@megaphotographers)
megaphotographers19.05.2019 20:20:18

Wow love your work 👌 DM to get featured on our page ❤️

John (@dropfocus)
dropfocus20.05.2019 15:40:00

This dope awesome capture from above

Jason Liu | NYC (@jsn.liu)
jsn.liu20.05.2019 16:03:49

Always so beautiful from above

Portrait Photographer (@timpethelphoto)
timpethelphoto20.05.2019 23:55:53

Wow I’d love to do this 🚁 📷🔥

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