Progress is dancing to the same song you used to cry to. Count every victory - even the small ones 🏆 - Los Angeles (@john.logic)
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Shivank Sharma (@therealshivanksharma)
therealshivanksharma05.04.2019 07:13:39


Eleftheria Aor (@eleftheriaaor)
eleftheriaaor05.04.2019 07:17:44

perfect!! really like this photo!!! 💙💙💙

Authentic Thrift (@authenticafrikan)
authenticafrikan05.04.2019 14:23:49

I love this color

Miho Kamei (@awateusagi)
awateusagi05.04.2019 16:03:02

Great shot 🔥❤️

Κρίστι☆ (@christibouti)
christibouti05.04.2019 18:09:22

‼️marvelous photo✌🏻😊✌🏻😊✌🏻

Claudia⚾🏈🎶👠💋 (@cloudy_ah_)
cloudy_ah_05.04.2019 20:28:53

🙌🙌 I love it!!❤️

ΔIDΣΠ βIRD (@littfyre)
littfyre05.04.2019 23:06:39

This is beautiful mate! Love the unusual perspective 😍

Johnny Park (@_flickzz)
_flickzz06.04.2019 02:43:26

What a view! Awesome shotb🔝👌👌

Marky Mark (@markymarkvision)
markymarkvision06.04.2019 04:01:17

Awesome capture bro ! 🔥🔥🔥🔥

ᴅᴜsᴛɪɴ (@sixpounders)
sixpounders06.04.2019 09:33:15


Everylights (
everylights.art06.04.2019 16:54:33


Brandon Nathaniel (@brandon.nathaniel)
brandon.nathaniel07.04.2019 07:03:38

Bring the sunsets back

Ferh ~💙~ (@ferh.17)
ferh.1707.04.2019 22:13:52

You're an artist📷

Derek R. Gillhamer (@drg.1987)
drg.198708.04.2019 06:17:01

Love this shot dude, that sky is off the hook!!👌🏻💯

Mikey Million (@mikey.million)
mikey.million08.04.2019 19:54:45


Kelseyyy (@killuhkelsss)
killuhkelsss08.04.2019 20:34:06


GRImages (@grimagesla)
grimagesla11.04.2019 17:06:02

Nice! 🔥

|°°°Jarrett Bautista°°°| (@photography_king_2117)
photography_king_211718.04.2019 04:08:16

Such a lovely image this is so nice ❤️❤️

systemamusiq26.05.2019 16:44:38


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