Name one thing you LOVE & one thing you HATE about Los Angeles 🏙 If you have never been to LA, comment something about your own city 👀✍🏼️ - Los Angeles (@john.logic)
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Shivank Sharma (@therealshivanksharma)
therealshivanksharma27.02.2019 22:34:16

I love how forwards LA is! Like environmentally friendly, vegan etc.

Shivank Sharma (@therealshivanksharma)
therealshivanksharma27.02.2019 22:34:54

But what I don't like is when I walk past groups at night smoking weed, I feel a bit intimidated idk why

Jik || VisuAl Arts (@jikavisual)
jikavisual27.02.2019 23:58:47

So clean doc 👌🏼💯

Angela Arriaga       • YØUNĒK• (@younekgraphics)
younekgraphics28.02.2019 00:59:36

Love the diversity. Hate the traffic.

visualtrvsh28.02.2019 01:33:50


Gaej (@qwerkyscience)
qwerkyscience28.02.2019 15:21:56

Really unique angle!

Κρίστι☆ (@christibouti)
christibouti02.03.2019 14:15:03

‼️😍‼️lucent photo📸👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

elia (@eliagranchi)
eliagranchi08.03.2019 21:14:49

never been but I'm planning on taking a ride this summer! I live in florence, italy, and I love its culture and history 🔥

Fan page #fmiii @fmthe3rd (@fmiiifanpage)
fmiiifanpage09.03.2019 03:49:20


Jase •Documentary Of Time (@jase_salter)
jase_salter10.03.2019 19:52:12


Jason V. (@hidden.img)
hidden.img11.03.2019 19:47:33

I hate that I don’t get to hang with you

Eleftheria Aor (@eleftheriaaor)
eleftheriaaor11.03.2019 19:47:55

I've never been to L. A. though I want, I love its 80s music history! I'm from Athens, Greece, I love its historical streets and buildings and I hate criminality!

𝔖𝔭𝔞𝔠𝔢𝔅𝔬𝔶 (@__agox_)
__agox_12.03.2019 06:18:54

I’ve never been to LA, but LA is the city🤤

Bee | Photographer (@beethenomad)
beethenomad15.03.2019 20:39:05

Those leading lines tho

Photography (@eye.sick)
eye.sick20.03.2019 01:20:09

The weather is the best and traffic can suck a big one 😂

Beeniez (@beeniez_lofi)
beeniez_lofi28.03.2019 17:07:39

Love it!

Madeleine Thanh Anh Nguyen (@chezmado_ams)
chezmado_ams31.03.2019 11:12:50

I Love LA!!! There is a song for sure.
Love the skyline at dawn, palm trees, hate the traffic, but there is always a place to enjoy and thankful for while you sit in the traffic on Hwy 101 through downtown junction, “amazing” site! At sundown, fire in the sky, reflections of high rise building, palm trees stand tall, just once traffic site seems to be an amazing site with lines of flickering brake lights and head lights.... that one moment I really enjoy while stuck ik the traffic!
But hate to see many homeless sites along the roads...

Joshua🍹 (@j.uice_)
j.uice_02.04.2019 23:23:59

Nice photos man!

Arya Aframian (@aryaaframian)
aryaaframian08.04.2019 09:49:56


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