C H I C A B O O ... my little princess playing with my first ever toy from @davidbeckham @sandra_beckham49 ! She loved it 💗#loveher #tocute - Joannebeckham (@joannebeckham)
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Chasing Summer (@chasingsummeruk)
chasingsummeruk07.04.2018 21:03:37


loupiggott107.04.2018 21:06:20

I still have my chickaboo from the 80’s x

Nadja O'Keeffe 💎 (@_lady_nad)
_lady_nad07.04.2018 21:09:01

Growing big so quickly! Such a beautiful cutie! 🌸💕💕💕💕🙏

Daisy First Aid (@daisyfirstaid)
daisyfirstaid07.04.2018 21:10:30

I haven’t seen one of those in years!!!! ❤️

clairelouise058007.04.2018 21:10:40

80’s throwback! Beautiful pic!

OUFC ACADEMY- U13 (@mekhaiamari)
mekhaiamari07.04.2018 21:12:00

Cute kid

Cristina (@crissie_rm)
crissie_rm07.04.2018 21:23:34

Lovely princesse💖😊

JulianaCampos🦋 (@julianacamposlondon)
julianacamposlondon07.04.2018 21:39:36

Que linda ❤️

Joni 🌸 (@jo_ni_24)
jo_ni_2407.04.2018 21:58:55

Such a cutie @joannebeckham 

Say.My.Name (@laughbug)
laughbug07.04.2018 22:59:51

The luckiest girl!

ladyleo6707.04.2018 23:01:47

What a beautiful girl you have

Louise Higgins (@jainasolo77)
jainasolo7707.04.2018 23:25:06

I had 3 chicaboos when I was a kid they went everywhere we me

fofo (@fofoff2)
fofoff208.04.2018 00:50:55

جميله و لطيفه 😍

Sarah Freedman (@sjfreedman)
sjfreedman08.04.2018 05:00:34

Bought one of those for Claudia when she was little as I remember loving them myself as a child xxxx @joannebeckham  @sandra_beckham49 

Sparkle Bright (@sparkle.brite)
sparkle.brite08.04.2018 07:14:56

OMG is that your original pink monchichi from the '80's That's sooo special I remember you posted that before we had a brown one growing up I had no idea they came in pink till I seen ur post. I've been keeping an look out for on ever since. @joannebeckham 

gullusak_09.04.2018 00:32:39

Oh my God she is growing so fast. Enjoy your time with your babygirl she is so sweet @joannebeckham 

No need to introduce myself✌ (@aafreen_samma)
aafreen_samma18.04.2018 10:13:00

Cute though🌼❤️

Alireza (@alireza.ts7)
alireza.ts720.04.2018 20:16:44


Alireza (@alireza.ts7)
alireza.ts720.04.2018 20:16:46


Mojtaba Azarnoosh68 (@mojtaba68tbz)
mojtaba68tbz08.05.2018 09:20:54


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