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Photo by @amivitale // Fatu is one of only two northern white rhinos alive on the planet, following the death of - Jo Sherwood (@jo.sherwood12)
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Jeff Harrison (@pedaling_against_poaching)
pedaling_against_poaching11.02.2019 03:44:42

Fatu is gorgeous. She looks so majestic. I wish that there was a way for her to see her legacy 💔🦏

My Name Is LT (@myeyes_thru_the_lens)
myeyes_thru_the_lens11.02.2019 04:10:23

She’s gorgeous 💕

Patricia (@pa.7380)
pa.738011.02.2019 05:11:53


Ruth Makes Jewellery (@ruthmakesjewellery)
ruthmakesjewellery11.02.2019 07:49:50

I thank goodness she doesn't know what 'mankind' has done 💔

Jean Mitchell (@jean_spidersweb)
jean_spidersweb11.02.2019 08:05:16

Hope all is not lost!

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