“How Will Netflix Do Justice to ‘One Hundred Year’s of Solitude’?⁣
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Thanks @matt.dorfman - Joan Wong (@jningwong)
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Joan Wong (@jningwong)
jningwong31.03.2019 10:07:25

#gabrielgarciamarquez  #onehundredyearsofsolitude  #netflix  #book  #collage  #illustration  #art  #design 

David Loaiza (@dvdlza)
dvdlza31.03.2019 12:51:52

Wonderful book 👍🏽

Jean Taua (@jeantaua44)
jeantaua4431.03.2019 19:45:43

Good question!! However, by portraying these times, we of other lands come to understand, there was an hundred years of solitude. I am too old to travel, and yet thanks to television. the internet, and word of mouth I get to learn of there events that shaped nations. I said learn and not understand because to understand fully would require me to live through these events.

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