“Was 2018 the year Asian Americans took ‘yellow’ back?”⁣⁣
Got to sneak some old family portraits into this one. This is my grandma, my dad, and my - Joan Wong (@jningwong)
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Joan Wong (@jningwong)
jningwong21.12.2018 18:14:22

#asian  #asianamerican  #yellow  #2018  #collage  #graphicdesign  #design  #illustrator  #nbc  #editorialdesign 

Henry Sene Yee Illustration (@henryseneyee_draws)
henryseneyee_draws21.12.2018 18:15:16


Linda Huang (@spiritditty)
spiritditty21.12.2018 18:28:18

So cool how you snuck in old fam pics!

Bonnie Kong (@bonniekong)
bonniekong21.12.2018 18:28:53

This is awesome!

Sally (@funginthesun)
funginthesun21.12.2018 18:56:42


Anneka Van Scoyoc (@anneka_vs)
anneka_vs21.12.2018 19:20:43


Anneka Van Scoyoc (@anneka_vs)
anneka_vs21.12.2018 19:22:41


🇸🇦 لطيفة - Latifah (@opulaire)
opulaire21.12.2018 20:42:00


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