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J.D. Reeves (@jdreeves)
jdreeves06.12.2018 21:53:11

looks amazing!

Sinae Carrotate Park (@carrotate)
carrotate06.12.2018 21:59:52


Cin Liang (@gnailc)
gnailc06.12.2018 22:02:29


Margaret Riegel (@margaret.riegel.illustration)
margaret.riegel.illustration06.12.2018 22:02:47

Gorgeous work

Danielle M. Chéry (@dani_chery)
dani_chery06.12.2018 22:07:56

Love it!!

Charis P (@charispoon)
charispoon06.12.2018 22:16:12

Couldn’t be more proud and ready to shout to the world about my absolutely incredibly talented friend.

bianca ng (@bng.design)
bng.design06.12.2018 22:24:47

Love!! 🙌🏼

Jim LePage (@jim_lepage)
jim_lepage06.12.2018 22:37:24

Congrats! Looks great. Love your work!

Sally (@funginthesun)
funginthesun06.12.2018 22:49:14

Amazing!!! It looks fantastic!❤️❤️

Stephen Petch (@stephen_petch)
stephen_petch06.12.2018 23:18:42

@jningwong  beautiful stuff

Katie Moore (@kamoore85)
kamoore8507.12.2018 01:30:23

Congrats!! 👏

CM Carter (@cmcarts)
cmcarts07.12.2018 02:13:36


Mindy Tom • 譚韻詩 (@mindy.tom)
mindy.tom07.12.2018 02:31:19

Woot woot 💪🏼

Richard Ljoenes (@richardljoenes)
richardljoenes07.12.2018 04:22:58

Inspiring work!

Alex Duran (@alexduran_design)
alexduran_design07.12.2018 12:48:21


Natalia (@nataliajimenez)
nataliajimenez07.12.2018 15:04:42

Looks great 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

BEL (@____.bel.____)
____.bel.____14.12.2018 14:57:01

⚡ 🌞 ⚡

Lab 26 Apparel NYC (@lab26apparel.nyc)
lab26apparel.nyc19.12.2018 05:47:06

That super dope! You are so talented, girl!

Discover RAREart.io (@rareart.io)
rareart.io21.12.2018 23:45:38

Looking sharp! Loving the #textures! 

Alexandra Zsigmond (@zsigmonda)
zsigmonda11.02.2019 21:07:46


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