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“What if the Republicans Win Everything Again?”⁣
“The end of Robert Mueller’s investigation. The loss of health insurance f - Joan Wong (@jningwong)
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Joan Wong (@jningwong)
jningwong19.10.2018 19:27:56

#midterms  #midtermelections  #collage  #senate  #houseofrepresentatives  #illustration  #nyt  #graphicdesign 

holyfly (@holyfly)
holyfly19.10.2018 20:19:16


keith hayes (@keithhayesphoto)
keithhayesphoto19.10.2018 20:33:11

Don’t want to imagine it

Shrey Purohit (@shreypurohit)
shreypurohit19.10.2018 23:27:30

😍. I hope it doesn't happen

Strick&Williams (@strickandwilliams)
strickandwilliams20.10.2018 01:52:51


kakoii Berlin (@kakoiiberlin)
kakoiiberlin29.10.2018 14:01:04


Weitong Mai (@weitong_mai)
weitong_mai18.11.2018 16:12:37


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