About to hit the red carpet... #Grammys - Jennifer Lopez (@jlo)
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Alex Rodriguez (@arod)
arod11.02.2019 09:13:47

Why are you so gorgeous macha?!
You killed it tonight. Hurry up and come to bed✅⚾️😎❤️🇩🇴💥

Alex Rodriguez (@arod)
arod11.02.2019 09:07:25

Next year - I will be wearing a hat too!!❤️🇩🇴😎✅⚾️🔥👍💥

Entertainment Tonight (@entertainmenttonight)
entertainmenttonight11.02.2019 00:45:01

Coming through drippin’, okay!! 👏

j o h n  r u s s o (@johnrussophoto)
johnrussophoto11.02.2019 00:47:22

Killing it lady 💯💥❤️

carole b sager (@carolebayersager)
carolebayersager11.02.2019 02:54:50

So very gorgeous!!

Good Morning America (@goodmorningamerica)
goodmorningamerica11.02.2019 14:43:02


Safak Cak - Designer (@safakcak)
safakcak11.02.2019 00:38:40


Melanie ✨♋️🌙🔮 (@thesoulasylum)
thesoulasylum11.02.2019 13:39:25

You are so disrespectful. You KNOW it was wrong for you to be the only woman doing a Motown tribute when you’re NOT BLACK AMERICAN. Why do you think that’s ok? Motown was started by Black Americans in Detroit, a Black American city with Black performers. BLACK AMERICAN WOMEN PERFORMERS. Are you THAT out of touch and egotistical you couldn’t grasp that?! This is past disappointing, it isn’t your first time engaging in anti Black behavior and I’m done with you. The entire performance was trifling.

God.Fashion.Carnival (@unapologeticallykiya)
unapologeticallykiya11.02.2019 04:25:50

You the bomb BUT You should’ve not done that Motown performance.

♡ ¢нαииу  ♡ (@callmechaaamp)
callmechaaamp11.02.2019 06:09:18

You should have declined...

plaguexrat11.02.2019 13:42:27

So is there going to be a public apology and statement about stealing culture and room in a space that isn’t meant for you or?????

Zuleyka Rivera (@zuleykarivera)
zuleykarivera11.02.2019 02:00:34


chichipalo (@chichipalo9971)
chichipalo997111.02.2019 04:17:21

You always look good but today i don’t think so,that hat is out of services ( sorry)

Yadira Israel (@yadiraisrael1212)
yadiraisrael121211.02.2019 14:33:05

Your Motown vocal performance was horrible and insulting @jlo  and I boycotted the #Grammys  because of this only watched your performance on IG timeline and I was justified in not watching #JUSTHORRIBLE. 

LianeV (@lianev)
lianev11.02.2019 00:56:54


ℳari (@_loyalbronxgal_)
_loyalbronxgal_11.02.2019 04:42:16

@jlo  you killed it on that stage. Who says boriguas can't do an amazing MOTOWN tribute?? Always making is latins proud. Keep doing your thing bori from da BX!

an Englishwoman abroad 🇬🇧 (@clavis56)
clavis5611.02.2019 14:47:51

Sorry critics.. ifJennifer Lopez wears something it IS fashion. Also a tribute to Motown is just that..a tribute. There are no qualifying rules to be able to perform Motown and J has the star quality to do it. Far better her than some of the chumps who were nominated and no showed.

chanelle 💓✨6614|32817 (@jloverbby)
jloverbby11.02.2019 00:34:28


Jason Bolaños (@jason_bolanos)
jason_bolanos11.02.2019 00:37:14


Jennifer S. (@fitfamuniteforhim)
fitfamuniteforhim11.02.2019 20:01:26


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