Sure you’re sick of our vacay pics but if it makes you feel better my Melasma moustache is back 👍🏼👨🏻 - Hairstylist + Brand Founder (@jenatkinhair)
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Erin Foster (@erinfoster)
erinfoster11.01.2019 23:29:43

Does make me feel a little better honestly

Anna (@yinzergirl)
yinzergirl11.01.2019 17:36:39

HOW do you get rid of it @jenatkinhair  - do you have melasma tips??

Scotty Cunha (@thescottycunha)
thescottycunha11.01.2019 18:57:38

Lol send me a selfie!

Jenna Dewan (@jennadewan)
jennadewan12.01.2019 00:13:46


Diana Madison (@dianamadison)
dianamadison11.01.2019 17:52:56

Lol your the best love you for keeping it real

Dendoll (@dendoll)
dendoll11.01.2019 18:26:10


Stevie Rae™ (@shtevierae)
shtevierae11.01.2019 18:16:42

Girl other than expensive treatments how do you keep it light and from darkening? It’s like my biggest insecurity. And no one ever knows what I’m talking about. 😣

Lindsay Johnson Goldfine (@lindsayjgoldfine)
lindsayjgoldfine12.01.2019 05:59:35

She’s baaaack! Let’s name her

eloisedejo (@eloisedejoria)
eloisedejoria11.01.2019 20:10:11

Oh gosh😳Love love love Bora Bora❤️👍🏻😘

Zyne (@zyneofficial)
zyneofficial11.01.2019 19:08:53


Alexis Waters (@alexiswaters_)
alexiswaters_11.01.2019 17:45:13

I have one too

Gina Leigh Romano (@genie843)
genie84313.01.2019 01:09:13

@reeves.mon  @mandi_fetching_images  let's go!😊💕

Anna (@annaallen89)
annaallen8911.01.2019 23:47:13


Olivia Shaw (@olivia.lumsden)
olivia.lumsden12.01.2019 00:38:32

Laura Mercier has a cream that literally gets rid of melasma soooo quickly! You should try it! When I worked there it was one of my favorite things to see someone finally get rid of their skin discoloration and feel so much more confident in their own skin

M A D I S O N T O N G U E (@manemadison)
manemadison11.01.2019 18:05:44

I have (had) the worst Melasma ever! How annoying!? Let me know if you want me to hook you up with the best esthetician in the world. She got rid of mine.... but you have to come to Florida 😘😘😘

Steffany Colleran (@steffanyschoice)
steffanyschoice11.01.2019 19:02:38

Not tired at all 😍🙌🏽 I also can’t imagine anyone feeling better about your melasma. Apply ACV on it three times a week, it’s amazing how fast it works. Mix equal amounts of ACV with water and stay away from the sun. 😘

cora 🥂 (@coradawnxo)
coradawnxo11.01.2019 17:39:56

KEEP EM COMING!! 😍😍 I love your vacay pics!

erinb303 (@erinb303)
erinb30311.01.2019 17:38:56

you are my favorite person on ig!! plz keep the vacay pics coming!

Kika (@la_gaboma_dakanda)
la_gaboma_dakanda12.01.2019 23:42:43

J’ai déjà le stock de makeup

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