Oh, my dear people! Haven’t been & read anything from y’all ✌️
This season is going really hard! And I just wonder how do you, colleague photogs, ev - Wedding+Elopement Photographer (@jane_iskra)
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Weddings & Elopements (@forloveandlight)
forloveandlight13.07.2019 03:57:29

This is beyond magicalll. Always outdoing yourself girl !

Seth & Co (@sethsanker)
sethsanker13.07.2019 02:52:23

This is everythinngggg!! Omg!

Khatia Meskhia🌿 (@khatiames)
khatiames12.07.2019 20:12:36

Нет слов ❤️

Michigan Photographer (@blairmongeonphoto)
blairmongeonphoto12.07.2019 12:26:54

Not going to lie, I rely a lot on planning apps (planoly is what I use personally). I schedule out and pre write captions, then the app reminds me to post. This cut back my social media time from over an hour a day to less than 10 mins. 🤷

medvejane (@medvejane)
medvejane12.07.2019 10:40:49

Отсыпайтесь и находите время на отдых, дорогие мои! ❤️ А постить можно зимой! 😘

Elopement Storytellers (@elopement_storytellers)
elopement_storytellers12.07.2019 10:09:58


Éva Hajdu (@evahajdu21)
evahajdu2112.07.2019 09:30:06


Kim Wedding Couples Elopements (@kim.tracey.photography)
kim.tracey.photography12.07.2019 08:49:29


Фотограф Воронеж. (@julia_artemenko_)
julia_artemenko_12.07.2019 07:08:57


Enroute Photography (@enroute_photography)
enroute_photography12.07.2019 06:48:30

Melancholic,I love it!💕💕💕

Zuzana Vaverkova (@ilusior_wedding)
ilusior_wedding12.07.2019 06:43:13

Amazing 💗

Свадебный Фотограф Тула Москва (@_fedorov_denis)
_fedorov_denis12.07.2019 04:36:09

Нереально круто👏🏻🤗

featherandnorth12.07.2019 01:29:46

I am struggggglin with this same situation. So hard to post these days and keep up with it all. 😜

Briana Nolan ⚡️ (@bn_______)
bn_______12.07.2019 00:05:32

Incredible shot 🙌🏼

tarek hasan (@tarekhasan96)
tarekhasan9612.07.2019 00:00:14

Beautiful I love it

Свадебный Фотограф Томск (@petka_gorezin)
petka_gorezin11.07.2019 23:56:37

Очееееень крутой кадр!!!!🔥🔥🔥 так классно увидели!🤟🏽

currpurr11.07.2019 23:47:46

Plan two recovery days; one the day before (to eat really healthy, stretch, and exercise) and one after the day of travel.

On these ‘recovery’ days, you still work, but you strictly only do computer work from a super comfortable place, like your bed, and you only do culling, batching, social media, and mindless tasks while ordering takeout.
Keep up the great work! I love how you capture love.

#worklifebalance  #lvl100 

ᴅᴀʀɪᴀ | ʟᴀᴢᴜᴋo (@daria_lazuko)
daria_lazuko11.07.2019 23:44:22


Pino Huang (@pinoo22o)
pinoo22o11.07.2019 23:21:47

❤️❤️❤️Love this one

Faith Parent Hendrickson (@hendricksonfaith)
hendricksonfaith11.07.2019 22:43:52

Hellllo, very sweet and precious Jane! Your work is so beautiful!!😍 I am so thrilled you were our daughter’s and now son-in-law’s photographer 🥰 And that we got to know each other a bit as I was your Iceland 🇮🇸 chauffeur!☺️👰🏻🎩💎💍 Looking forward to seeing your posts! Lots of love to you and your sweet hubby!

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