Do you know why the tower of Pisa is leaning?
Superb shot by @wanderlustandpizza - Italy Vacations (
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Alina zok (@alina.zok)
alina.zok12.08.2019 08:34:26


Donna (@dherschler)
dherschler12.08.2019 01:27:30

The ground it’s built upon

sander ricardo carvalho souza (@sanderricardocarval)
sanderricardocarval11.08.2019 01:15:35

Per il marketing.

Manuela (@ma.nuela1954)
ma.nuela195410.08.2019 17:46:56


lovelytowns10.08.2019 15:47:57


Sina Talakoobi (@sinatala1)
sinatala110.08.2019 15:32:16

Due to the settlement of the soil

Spencer Bell (@spence1978)
spence197810.08.2019 12:19:00

not just the tower, all the buildings in the square lean 👌

Spencer Bell (@spence1978)
spence197810.08.2019 12:18:22

soft ground 😂

Will (@wso3422)
wso342210.08.2019 12:11:11

Construction mistake added with earthquake

Roy (@roybouassal)
roybouassal10.08.2019 11:02:01

👍🏻 Nice pic

NV Fashion Shop (@nvfashion9)
nvfashion910.08.2019 10:26:36


Ylenia Mosti (@mosti.ylenia)
mosti.ylenia10.08.2019 09:17:24

La mia Pisa ❤️

Gianni Armenise (@gianniarmenise)
gianniarmenise10.08.2019 09:14:04


Family Travel Journalists 🇩🇪🇬🇧 (@touristswithkids)
touristswithkids10.08.2019 08:33:27

Yes, construction mistake. We were there just few days ago 😍

Simone Pavia (@_simo.simo_)
_simo.simo_10.08.2019 08:00:38

Fantastica 😍😍

Claudio Verga (@claudioverga_)
claudioverga_10.08.2019 07:58:20


Travel Girl & Photo Addict✌🏼 (@harixa)
harixa18.08.2019 12:50:48


comyogking2124 (@comyogking2124)
comyogking212416.08.2019 08:46:17

지리따 호 ㅎ.ㅎ 이뻐요 캬 사랑스렁 ㅋㅋ

《☆Yousef ☆》 (@yousefabozayed)
yousefabozayed13.08.2019 15:14:35


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