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Climate Change Campaign (@climateduo)
climateduo16.05.2019 00:34:17

Hey there! We are the Climate Duo, a non profit organization. It would mean a lot if you liked our recent post, as every like is $1 donated to a petition that is dedicated to ban plastic bags in Publix Grocery Stores. Make sure to click the link in our bio to sign the petition! Thanks!

Tilford Smith (@tilford_smith)
tilford_smith16.05.2019 00:48:48


Ari Jamon (@lifepelagic)
lifepelagic16.05.2019 01:43:42

✊️fuck yeah all the way

⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀Local As It Gets® (@localasitgets)
localasitgets16.05.2019 02:26:51

Durant’s Island? 😂

Mario (@riomaoner)
riomaoner16.05.2019 07:37:23

True but: in a jutebag is 7100 times the energy of a single use plasticbag

Keep Gaia Wild (@keepgaiawild)
keepgaiawild16.05.2019 16:07:09

Earth is so beautiful, let's all do our part to help sustain its wonders🌎

Michael B. Hardie (@creationscape)
creationscape30.05.2019 03:32:20

🤙🏼 🤙🏼

Amarildo Fratane Campos (@fratanecampos)
fratanecampos01.06.2019 11:38:39


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