Keyhole Arch Light Show...
This natural phenomenon doesn't have a fixed date. And it only occurs for a few weeks during the Winter Solstice. When th - Leo 🇵🇭|San Francisco Bay Area (@infamousdjrebel)
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Charlee Ann 🌻 (@charlee_belle)
charlee_belle06.01.2019 23:10:25

This is beautiful! I wish I could visit!

Evan Chan (@platypus.arts)
platypus.arts06.01.2019 23:41:29

Wow, stunning!

J. Rig II (@jrig11)
jrig1107.01.2019 00:02:17

This is an insanely beautiful scene

ericyi (@ericyitv)
ericyitv07.01.2019 00:49:48

Literally, so magical! I can’t wait to travel like this !!

Shawn (@thyirelandboon_mke)
thyirelandboon_mke07.01.2019 01:11:14

Awesome photo Leo! That is totally worth the drive!

🌹Florida🌴 (@wings_and_otherthings)
wings_and_otherthings07.01.2019 01:17:58

That’s incredible 😍

2 Keto Gals (@2ketogals)
2ketogals07.01.2019 01:30:42

You captured it beautifully!

Dᴀᴠᴇʏ Jᴏɴᴇs (@daveyjones36)
daveyjones3607.01.2019 02:07:14

Such beauty! Love this!

Shirley Tay (@shirleytay123)
shirleytay12307.01.2019 02:16:02

So amazing 💛💛

Tinkerbuff (@tinkerbuff_)
tinkerbuff_07.01.2019 03:15:03

What an incredible capture

runa (@jiang_runa)
jiang_runa07.01.2019 04:07:25

I absolutely love your feed!

L o u i s R A P H A E L (@louisraphael)
louisraphael07.01.2019 17:02:17

Great edit man. Looks 🔥

San Francisco Photographer (@vicethvong)
vicethvong07.01.2019 18:46:44

Check this phenomenon off your photography list bro! What a stunner!🙌🏽😍

Makeup | Fitness (Charmain) (@charmizzlle)
charmizzlle07.01.2019 19:11:29

Beautiful i love nature

Rachna - Seattle blogger (@thatsmyside)
thatsmyside07.01.2019 19:12:37

Such a great shot..beautiful picture

Santos N /  Photographer (@nietos_photo)
nietos_photo07.01.2019 22:47:37

Came out clean!!

Sᴴᴬᴺᴱ ᵂᴴᴵᵀᴹᴼᴿᴱ | Sony📸 (@mr_wiski)
mr_wiski08.01.2019 09:54:26

Great experience 😍😍 and fantastically captured Leo👏🏽👏🏽

Makingsenseofabeautifulmess (@makingsenseofabeautifulmess)
makingsenseofabeautifulmess25.01.2019 03:34:24

This is beautiful!

Daniel Alvarez-Fedyaev (@danielfedyaev)
danielfedyaev23.02.2019 11:34:24

Awesome composite and coloring for this!!

blacky's phototime (@blackysphotoga)
blackysphotoga15.05.2019 07:12:40


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