How it works

Where I am and what this site is?

You are on the website which is a web interface for Instagram. Ligaviewer uses Instagram Dev API to transfer content to your device or tablet computer.

I do not have account for Instagram, what should I do?

To get an account you need to download the app Instagram and register. Owners of iPhones can download the application from this link, the owners of phones with Android OS can download the application by clicking here.

Ligaviewer can be used without account for Instagram. You can watch the feed of any user, except closed accounts.

How I get to personal account?

To enter account user need to have an Instagram account. If you have an account, click on the link "Sign in" located in the upper panel and enter username and password.

I want to add a photo via the site, can I do this?

Unfortunately Instagram policy such that you can add only photos via mobile devices.

Is it safe to enter my password on this site?

You enter your login information via the site Instagram, so no one in any way will not know your password.

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