Sipping my morning coffee, while my boy paddles my breakfast over 💁🏼‍♀️ pls&thankyou
Bali video is LIVE 🎥 watch my stories to check out the video #doy - LAUREN BULLEN (@gypsea_lust)
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LAURA BELL (@lauraalycebell)
lauraalycebell12.06.2018 00:13:25

Great work guys, love it!

Hαуℓeу αndersen ❥ (@haylsa)
haylsa11.06.2018 22:34:30

Amazing work loz moz 💙💙 killing it guys xx

S T E F A N. H A W O R T H (@stefan_haworth)
stefan_haworth11.06.2018 22:19:20

That's ridiculous ha 👌🏽

Sailing Sea Trek III (@simonemillers)
simonemillers11.06.2018 21:30:41

Love it Loz!!!!

PIA MUEHLENBECK (@piamuehlenbeck)
piamuehlenbeck11.06.2018 20:20:59


⚡️Tezza⚡️ (@tezzamb)
tezzamb11.06.2018 20:04:30

Every spot you go to is insane

Melissa Findley (@melissafindley)
melissafindley11.06.2018 20:02:56


Michele Robertson (@michelepammy)
michelepammy11.06.2018 20:01:49

Woahhhh!!! That video 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼 just didn’t want it to stop! Amazing amazing amazing work you two 💛💛😍😍😘😘😘

Miss Gunner (@miss_gunner)
miss_gunner11.06.2018 19:43:03

Loving the dreams!! @gypsea_lust  💙💙😘😘😘

ANN & NICK ✧ TRAVEL COUPLE (@anyxland)
anyxland11.06.2018 19:01:42

The video is something of unbelievable 😱😱😍😍😍 We love you guys ❤️ You are our inspiration🔥

Callum Snape (@calsnape)
calsnape11.06.2018 18:54:28

The new video is so gooooooood!

ELENA KIREEVA (@helenakireeva)
helenakireeva11.06.2018 18:48:15

Wow just watched the video it's superb 😍💗💗 can't get enough of it

Jenna Silver ✈ Travel (@jennasilver_)
jennasilver_11.06.2018 18:46:18

LOVEEE THE VIDEO!! can’t wait to visit Bali

Stylish Travlr (@stylishtravlr)
stylishtravlr11.06.2018 18:45:58

BEST VIDEO EVER!! You guys are literally the best travel couple EVER 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

adventure awaits ⚓︎ (@thewininghills)
thewininghills11.06.2018 18:43:02

The video is out of this world! 😍😍 so incredible guys!

TYFRENCH (@tyfrench)
tyfrench11.06.2018 18:41:34

meanwhile eating a hot pocket in bed

Nebly Martinez (@nebs11)
nebs1111.06.2018 18:41:25

Wwwoooowwww that video was epic! Please do more videos👌

William Backman (@willebackmann)
willebackmann11.06.2018 18:41:00

This is for sure the best breakfast pic on instagram!

LAURA ☼ Travel + Inspo (@kumidreams)
kumidreams11.06.2018 18:39:33

I love the little kids in your video 💓

Z A K    S P E E R S ✨ (@zakbites)
zakbites11.06.2018 18:38:10

casually sipping ☕️ on the edge of a cliff as you do. Just watched the new video and 😍😍😍

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