A guest at the opening of #TheArtistIsPresent, Wu Lei @leowu1226 in a men’s look from #GucciCruise19 embroidered jacket and jeans, T-shirt featuring t - Gucci (@gucci)
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gjf帅帅略略 (@gjfhandsome)
gjfhandsome13.10.2018 05:20:30


natashiro.ig (@enmash.ig)
enmash.ig13.10.2018 11:33:12

Thanks for inviting Leo Wu, who is a young and beautiful actor in China.❤️

LiXiNyUzS1 (@lixinyuzs1)
lixinyuzs113.10.2018 12:39:37

帅炸 🐒

Melina Thelen (@germandrakester)
germandrakester13.10.2018 14:26:55


Manisha sharma (@manishasharma05earth)
manishasharma05earth13.10.2018 17:01:51

Totally cool 👍👍

HI YI LEUNG ☀ (@hyyyleung)
hyyyleung13.10.2018 17:07:08

Gucci fits Wu Lei ❤️

HI YI LEUNG ☀ (@hyyyleung)
hyyyleung13.10.2018 17:38:52

Gucci, could u please tag @leowu1226  on the next time? Thank you so much ❤❤❤❤❤❤

Ashkan 🦋 اشکان (@ashkaaaaaaaannnnnnnn)
ashkaaaaaaaannnnnnnn13.10.2018 17:52:25


Angela (@leowu991226)
leowu99122613.10.2018 23:15:20


Angela (@leowu991226)
leowu99122613.10.2018 23:15:28


Cacare Wang (@cacarewang)
cacarewang14.10.2018 03:15:29


love leo (@san_shi_qi)
san_shi_qi14.10.2018 04:47:34


love still forever (@gxxidme)
gxxidme14.10.2018 05:44:26

@leowu1226  this

love still forever (@gxxidme)
gxxidme14.10.2018 05:47:10

so handsome

lionet1226 (@lionet1226)
lionet122614.10.2018 06:16:31

very cute

StyloMall.Com (@stylomallone)
stylomallone14.10.2018 10:24:15


GABRÏEL PEREIRA 🌵 (@gabrielnks_)
gabrielnks_14.10.2018 16:25:16


Hand Overzz (@handoverzz)
handoverzz14.10.2018 19:39:47

good one

赤木 順哉 (@junyaakagi)
junyaakagi15.10.2018 03:21:41


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