At the @london_college_of_fashion #Gucci CEO #MarcoBizzarri announced the House’s ten-year “Culture of Purpose”: a sustainability plan with two signif... - Gucci (@gucci)
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Actress + Amazonian 🌙 (@ceciliazenca)
ceciliazenca12.10.2017 15:12:46

@annabelledicaprio  YAY 😍😍😍

Ashley - Chicago Makeup Artist (@blood_sweat_and_glitter)
blood_sweat_and_glitter12.10.2017 15:14:39

@gucci  is giving me all the feels today! Love you! 😘😘💗💗 (@sandrabulldock)
sandrabulldock12.10.2017 15:20:42


ToTheT by Tanvi Rawal (@tanvirawal)
tanvirawal12.10.2017 15:24:08

@tanvisakhamuri  we were the guinea pigs

Giorgia (@giorgia.maiorana)
giorgia.maiorana12.10.2017 15:36:24

@gucci  🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻❣️❣️❣️❣️👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

Kimberly! (@kimmakhlouf)
kimmakhlouf12.10.2017 15:39:48


Mahir khan (@mahir_khan_hottie)
mahir_khan_hottie12.10.2017 15:53:41


Patrick-Robert Harriman (@prharriman1)
prharriman112.10.2017 16:03:54


Beatriz Nistal (@bianistal)
bianistal12.10.2017 16:03:56

Fantastic! @gucci  I would love to hear what you guys are doing to be commited with sustentability in the fashion business. I have being reading a lot and even attending some talks about this subject...

Catherine Stone (@kattillacc)
kattillacc12.10.2017 16:13:06

@ladyfrenchfry  Gucci is killing it today

Lulu's Cake (@cakes_by_lulu)
cakes_by_lulu12.10.2017 16:14:58

Great job. It's better late than never! Reconsider the leathers.

nessameow12.10.2017 16:19:23

Thank u so much!😘

Brianna Vitali (@briannavitali)
briannavitali12.10.2017 16:23:38

Faux leather please 🙏

L-Concepts Design (@l_concepts_)
l_concepts_12.10.2017 16:24:58

Leather is the biggest threat to the environment. To sell leather is to be the problem. Regardless of whether you sell lambs wool or not

Fabi (@fabim2000)
fabim200012.10.2017 16:31:13


lucy_jimenez112.10.2017 16:31:26


FVSHIONDVTING (@fvshiondvting)
fvshiondvting12.10.2017 16:45:48

That’s great Corporate Responsibility

Alejandra M. Álvarez V. (@ale_mav_)
ale_mav_12.10.2017 16:46:05

Thank you @gucci  👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻

Susie Finnerty (@susie.finnerty)
susie.finnerty12.10.2017 16:50:25


Nicole M.  Ⓥ 🌱 (@nicolethebomb)
nicolethebomb12.10.2017 16:54:53


Keiichi Shimizu  清水慶一 (@kei_sxx)
kei_sxx12.10.2017 16:58:07

So Awesome👏👏👏👏👏

Christian K. (@coolbeanschristian)
coolbeanschristian12.10.2017 17:02:39

Very proud @maddymear 

EBoogie (@ebooghie)
ebooghie12.10.2017 17:11:01


Asa Zaman-Roban✌ (@pink._.sockedhoe)
pink._.sockedhoe12.10.2017 17:18:36

Gucci 👅 @alamzaman 

awaken_yoursoul_12.10.2017 17:48:32


Adiana ♥ (@adianadisdiel)
adianadisdiel12.10.2017 17:57:34


Shaman's Tarot -Toledo, Ohio (@shamans.tarot)
shamans.tarot12.10.2017 17:58:27


Gary Sun (@bg_watches_and_must_haves)
bg_watches_and_must_haves12.10.2017 18:05:43

Start by making larger cuts @gucci  I’m tired of stretching my polos

Beatriz (@muffin.brg)
muffin.brg12.10.2017 18:07:06


qrty13512.10.2017 18:14:34


Isabel 🔵⚪🔴 (@isabbelss)
isabbelss12.10.2017 18:15:58


Dianna (@d5wtx)
d5wtx12.10.2017 18:34:40


Orkied (@orkied_q8)
orkied_q812.10.2017 18:39:04

You are the best 💜

L A H S A C ! 🐾 (@lahsac)
lahsac12.10.2017 18:39:40

yayayayayayay !!!!

Daniel Ponichtera 🇵🇱PL/AT🇦🇹 (@ponichteradaniel)
ponichteradaniel12.10.2017 18:55:06

Fresh !

Gisel Block (@gegeblock)
gegeblock12.10.2017 18:58:45


Akshat Saraf (@akshatsaraf)
akshatsaraf12.10.2017 19:21:49

@soniad194  your college

Akshat Saraf (@akshatsaraf)
akshatsaraf12.10.2017 19:21:50

@soniad194  your college

American Deadstock (@americandeadstock)
americandeadstock12.10.2017 19:24:43


Juan Anez (@juanpanez)
juanpanez12.10.2017 19:56:37


spliffpapi12.10.2017 19:58:29

Y'all need to stop lol

Alexa ❤ (@alexa_ducati)
alexa_ducati12.10.2017 20:12:42

Thank you 😭😭😭😭🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

K  A  T  E (@pas.pour.toi.mon.cher.ami)
pas.pour.toi.mon.cher.ami12.10.2017 20:17:42


Ashley A (@ashdailyx)
ashdailyx12.10.2017 20:37:03

Wow this is amazing, so admirable

iamthe_bestone12.10.2017 20:41:04

As long as products dont become horrible, then its good

Amber Brock (@_amberbrock)
_amberbrock12.10.2017 20:43:10


Mason Forgey (@mason_forgey)
mason_forgey12.10.2017 20:44:34


Nicole Manitsas (@sparklingaloe)
sparklingaloe12.10.2017 20:56:57

Kill the leather then! Make it more than advertising!

Dzaman Dzan (@dzamandzan)
dzamandzan12.10.2017 21:00:21

I’d like to see one off pieces made from recycled vintage fabrics or archived fabric from your vaults. That would be cool to own.

Sharlene Rizzatti (@sharlenerizzatti)
sharlenerizzatti12.10.2017 21:06:48

Thanks for going #furfree 

The Boutique Official (@theboutiqueofficial)
theboutiqueofficial12.10.2017 21:12:37


The Boutique Official (@theboutiqueofficial)
theboutiqueofficial12.10.2017 21:12:44


Alicia Alessia Ventura🍁 (@aventura111)
aventura11112.10.2017 21:20:03


Nic (@nicvorenas)
nicvorenas12.10.2017 21:21:17

Better late than never

Alejandra Gonzalez (@alegnza)
alegnza12.10.2017 21:25:54

This is the way 🙌

Julia 🌺 (@ilovegreenluxury)
ilovegreenluxury12.10.2017 21:30:39

You guys just made my day!!!!! 🙏🙏💚💚

Stephanie Siragusa Diaz (@stephaniesiragusa)
stephaniesiragusa12.10.2017 21:35:29

You fur is going to sell like wild fire now at outrageous prices. I was wondering why you had fur on a summer collection. Your making it more desirable not that you needed it. Flawless business move. i still hope that this for the good of humanity and not some plot with another purpose in the works. You are still great Gucci.🖤👁

Helping Animals Friends League (@helpinganimalsfriendsleague)
helpinganimalsfriendsleague12.10.2017 21:45:31

I love you so much for going fur free now I will only shop from you. Thank you so much for saving the animals

ana maria gaigalas mesquita (@amgaigalas)
amgaigalas12.10.2017 21:54:08


Monsieur Periné (@monsieurperine)
monsieurperine12.10.2017 21:59:14


Д/045 (@supremekodiak)
supremekodiak12.10.2017 21:59:39


Adam Fedderly (@adamfedderly)
adamfedderly12.10.2017 22:36:38


nina.clare12.10.2017 23:21:17

Thank you

EM. (@emeliacannon_)
emeliacannon_12.10.2017 23:24:05

Killin it @mia_mccall 

Melanie Pelser (@melaniepelser26)
melaniepelser2612.10.2017 23:38:35


Madelyn Stocks (@v.phoenixx)
v.phoenixx12.10.2017 23:59:41


Angel Gutierrez 🥀 (@angellgucci)
angellgucci13.10.2017 00:35:16

Gucci Gucci

Katharine Schassler (@aqxvd)
aqxvd13.10.2017 01:23:18


Fit Vegans 🍎 (@fitvegans)
fitvegans13.10.2017 01:57:52


Mariana Barbosa (@marianabmoura)
marianabmoura13.10.2017 02:15:23


Pasquale Mazzuca (@pa3quale)
pa3quale13.10.2017 02:23:40

#gucci  #marcobizzarri  Demonstrating real sustainable leadership #sdg 

Croix_Marie (@croix_marie)
croix_marie13.10.2017 02:36:18

Now try stop using leather!

. (@b2ll199)
b2ll19913.10.2017 02:58:38


Dani Diaz ♐️ (@daniela_v11)
daniela_v1113.10.2017 03:15:28


Ирина Пугач Врач-Косметолог (@kosmetolog_irena_kherson)
kosmetolog_irena_kherson13.10.2017 04:37:04


doobiran13.10.2017 06:03:41

NO LEATHeR !!!!!!!!

Francesco Ruocco (@francesco_ruocco_fr)
francesco_ruocco_fr13.10.2017 06:18:00


Manu (@manueladovale)
manueladovale13.10.2017 06:20:17


♡ pia (@sophia.fernando)
sophia.fernando13.10.2017 06:39:04

Totoo nga ba

Karin Fredman (@karinfredman)
karinfredman13.10.2017 06:56:22

Wonderful I have been hoping for this 😍👏👏👏 Well Done!

lex Ⓥ (@acostalexa)
acostalexa13.10.2017 07:08:35

omg yes THANK U

*:・𝖕𝖆𝖙𝖗𝖎𝖈𝖎𝖆 ✧📼🇦🇼 (@patriciaxmarq)
patriciaxmarq13.10.2017 07:17:27


mangel.270513.10.2017 07:20:35


☁️ Abigail Partridge ☁️ (@abigailhpartridge)
abigailhpartridge13.10.2017 07:34:45

Go leather free as well!!

痛苦並快樂著 (@real__surreal)
real__surreal13.10.2017 07:35:05


Ya Can't Have Gravy Every Time (@niqniquai)
niqniquai13.10.2017 07:48:59

I’m loving these changes! Please educate yourself on the impacts of leather, wool and silk on animals, the community and the environment. Continue to be a trailblazer!

Sylvia Williams 🔎🌏 (@sylviesees)
sylviesees13.10.2017 08:21:48


Ada Raynal-Vulpiani (@ada_raynal)
ada_raynal13.10.2017 09:01:07

Finnaly ! Thanks @gucci  for showing the exemple. Let's hope that other brands will follow your step

Buthaina | Vegan🌱 | 📍 UAE (@veganbuthaina)
veganbuthaina13.10.2017 10:07:11


Sharida Jan (@sharidajan)
sharidajan13.10.2017 10:30:49

It’s about damn time

Japan ॐ (@daynllz)
daynllz13.10.2017 10:42:51


Terez Urbankova (@terez_urbankova)
terez_urbankova13.10.2017 10:55:03

@tresnickova  vyrahni si hlavu ze zadku 💕 a Koukej!

Ovul Buyukberber (@ovly)
ovly13.10.2017 11:53:03


Ovul Buyukberber (@ovly)
ovly13.10.2017 11:53:06


Ovul Buyukberber (@ovly)
ovly13.10.2017 11:53:08


_.animalsandnature._13.10.2017 12:16:24

❤❤❤❤❤ great start!!!!

J e s s i (@xjessimiles)
xjessimiles13.10.2017 13:25:13

No wool & no leather next ;)

🌷🌿The Green Angel 😇🐾 (
thegreenangel.us13.10.2017 13:52:00

Freaking awesome!

Elizabeth P (@elizabethpsavinganimals)
elizabethpsavinganimals13.10.2017 14:25:17


Lorelle Shea (@lorelleshea)
lorelleshea13.10.2017 15:34:18

Will Gucci commit to 100% vegan products? No leather, wool, or silk? It's high time!!

ⓋⒺⒼⒶⓃ (@ethically_elizabeth)
ethically_elizabeth13.10.2017 16:57:31

Please commit to 100% cruelty free!

Mario Romo 🐢 (@marioromo17)
marioromo1713.10.2017 17:00:08

@ethically_elizabeth  I love your page

Danielle W (@dkwedge)
dkwedge13.10.2017 17:38:29

Love this SO MUCH

NotHannahMontana (@hannahlouisebrissenden)
hannahlouisebrissenden14.10.2017 01:43:33


한 유 빈 Yoo Bin (@thisis_hyb)
thisis_hyb14.10.2017 02:11:41


한별 (Lanky707) (@lanky707)
lanky70714.10.2017 03:30:07

Then stop cruelty on animals to begin with..

Mickael itx (miklitx) (@miklitx)
miklitx14.10.2017 06:11:51

Fairy tales aren' t real. Stop cruelty against all species first

⁎⁺˳✧༚ * Elena🐦 (@ell.imnida)
ell.imnida14.10.2017 07:50:50

Pick Kim Taehyung as a Gucci model pls :)

stefaniabaroli14.10.2017 13:26:54


Noor (@veggie.n)
veggie.n14.10.2017 18:03:25

Much appreciated 💖

Jins wifeu💕 (@cutiejin)
cutiejin15.10.2017 01:24:08


Alexandra Stepanova (@alexandra_unreal)
alexandra_unreal15.10.2017 01:34:20


iiamrubby15.10.2017 02:15:21

Taehyung would be amazing

andromache (@machi.adl)
machi.adl15.10.2017 04:14:15

@gucci  sponsor me 😢

thebetterartiist15.10.2017 04:41:40


Hélène🎈 (@elle_poppy)
elle_poppy15.10.2017 07:28:36


🌱💚 (@rolassd13)
rolassd1315.10.2017 10:30:33

yeeeeeeees gucci

Maksym (@almighty_gbe_)
almighty_gbe_15.10.2017 10:32:48

Big guwop

aninhabres (@aninhabres)
aninhabres15.10.2017 21:42:21

Dressed for the transformative citizenship

Abby Dicken // アビー (@abbymegumin)
abbymegumin16.10.2017 01:02:49

Yeeeeees 😊❤️

Elijah Sung-ho Yang (@esy1984)
esy198416.10.2017 02:11:57

That is why we live for! respect!

leahhill1416.10.2017 02:34:30


Francesca Ceglia (@fru.ceglia)
fru.ceglia16.10.2017 03:35:13

Proud of you!!! Good job guys! #proudtobeItalian 

Raffaele Bellucci (@bellucciraffaele)
bellucciraffaele16.10.2017 09:25:25


Emilio⚡️Ortega (@emilio9ortega)
emilio9ortega16.10.2017 12:47:46

@gucci  purpose gives life meaning! This is fantastic! My business partner @priceisrighht  and I would love to collab on a project with you. Any way we can help let us know.

Hannah Clark (@hjc100)
hjc10016.10.2017 18:19:50

Will they stop using leather anytime soon?

Big Bubble Bags (@shopbubblebags)
shopbubblebags16.10.2017 21:18:30


Shakthi Girish (@shakthigalatta)
shakthigalatta17.10.2017 10:48:58

Nice to hear. Cutting out exotic skins and fur would be a great start. N’est pas? I’ve stopped buying brands that make such products & surely, many will follow. Would love to get back to my favoured brands like Gucci if they can look at skin-free & fur-free collections like @stellamccartney  does. Good luck with ur venture in this regard.

PFTH শিল্প রাষ্ট্র (@prescriptionfortheheart)
prescriptionfortheheart18.10.2017 09:01:19


CHELSEA (@ccpaspalas)
ccpaspalas19.10.2017 15:34:23

This is wonderful!

Lethícia Castelo (@lecastelob)
lecastelob20.10.2017 12:32:00


⚡️ (@thegxdlymc)
thegxdlymc20.10.2017 14:50:14


Jamie Rae Moore (@jaamieraae)
jaamieraae21.10.2017 23:28:07


Madame Olsen 🇧🇷🇳🇴❤️🇫🇷 (@madame_olsen)
madame_olsen24.10.2017 12:20:54

And I hope the prices go down as well 👌🏼👍🏻

Jodie (@jodie845)
jodie84524.10.2017 15:35:35


➳KRISTINA💫AMALIA💫PETKOVIĆ➳ (@kristinaxamalia)
kristinaxamalia27.10.2017 13:32:51


mmukhsina28.10.2017 12:20:29


/:𝖒 𝖆 𝖗 𝖎 𝖋 𝖊 𝖗 (@marifvaldez)
marifvaldez31.10.2017 16:10:21


Stefanie Anne Shepherd (@sas0204)
sas020405.11.2017 01:04:52


Stefanie Anne Shepherd (@sas0204)
sas020405.11.2017 01:04:57


🇱🇰🕯🇬🇧 Janine 💎 (@starjanine1)
starjanine119.11.2017 02:47:17


Marjory (@marjorymarjorymarjory)
marjorymarjorymarjory30.11.2017 22:14:53

Nice to here.

purooroclothing09.02.2018 13:21:42


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