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Almillsy (@flyskyhigh91)
flyskyhigh9110.01.2019 11:52:40

When you upload these videos what are you shooting in @goprouk  @gopro 

Almillsy (@flyskyhigh91)
flyskyhigh9110.01.2019 11:50:58

Sick video @goprouk 

Ed Peacock (@ed.peacock.photo)
ed.peacock.photo09.01.2019 22:09:44

So cool 🙌

Cloudsurfing the Globe (@flyroj101)
flyroj10109.01.2019 21:36:02

This is Awesome! Can’t wait to get back on the slopes 🤘

Jess (@jessie.lister)
jessie.lister10.01.2019 08:22:55

@tomclem91  you'll be doing this by end of the holiday 😂

Elliot Croft (@elliotcroft)
elliotcroft09.01.2019 22:39:23

@thatcroftykid  hope you’re ready to catch some pics of me doing this on da slopes

RUTH 💫 (@ruthelizabeth96)
ruthelizabeth9609.01.2019 20:51:46

@joshsavage97  this what you are aiming to do?!

rossy0110.01.2019 14:45:24

@thebenbenjamin  will this be you soon?

elliscollins (@elliscollins)
elliscollins09.01.2019 21:06:46

Absolute madness

Scott Gault (@scott_gault)
scott_gault11.01.2019 12:18:03

@lewis.cahill  is that you mate?

Angus Thompson (@angus_thompson45)
angus_thompson4510.01.2019 04:44:02


Alex Stewart (@alexkstewart)
alexkstewart09.01.2019 22:55:09


George Mourne (@georgemourne)
georgemourne16.01.2019 06:17:51

@gavlaamaidment  so your next GoPro pic/ vid is gonna look like this yeah man 🤙🏽 haha

Maya Victoria Remme (@mayaremme)
mayaremme10.01.2019 10:51:05

@emiiljk  dæ i narvik

live_thedash (@live_thedash)
live_thedash10.01.2019 22:52:54

Amazing video 😍 Would love to be on those slopes right now

Mirko Maratea◾GoPro◾Travel (@mirkomaratea)
mirkomaratea10.01.2019 12:44:30

Cool trick 😍

Harry Leleu (@harry_leleu)
harry_leleu09.01.2019 22:47:12


K a t i e • S m i t h (@_katiesmith97)
_katiesmith9709.01.2019 22:31:48


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