Getting ready to scale the week ahead.❄️ @lucas_sartore and his ski patrol squad embracing the clear skies on the slopes of @val_thorens with the #GoP - GoPro UK (@goprouk)
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Craig (@craiga_1985)
craiga_198507.01.2019 16:35:53

Can’t wait to have a snowy beard....

EJ (@frostboy)
frostboy07.01.2019 13:26:08

@craiga_1985  looking like good pow pow in val thrones!

Diego Chagas 🇧🇷 (@diegochaagas)
diegochaagas07.01.2019 13:03:17

goprouk this photo is cool 👏👏

Robert Stephenson (@surf542)
surf54207.01.2019 15:47:28

So sick 🔥

🌍🇮🇹 | Fabio Fimmanò | GoPro 📷 (@fabiofimma)
fabiofimma07.01.2019 13:17:52

Squad selfie 😎

Chris Bell (@kodakkojak)
kodakkojak07.01.2019 16:43:46


Jess (@jessie.lister)
jessie.lister07.01.2019 14:27:12

@tomclem91  😍

🇮🇹Ɑժɾíɑղօ (ϹⱭɾԺÍƑƑ)🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 (@adriano_261)
adriano_26110.01.2019 13:33:25

Incredible photo guys how to you cut the pole or selfie stick out of the photo?😉

Cloudsurfing the Globe (@flyroj101)
flyroj10107.01.2019 15:21:50


Ed Peacock (
ed.peacock.photo07.01.2019 13:38:01


Markus Boshof (@iam_botsl)
iam_botsl07.01.2019 12:55:47

Wow the stick have to be very long

GP  | MOMENTS  | OFFICIAL™ (@gopro.momentsofficial)
gopro.momentsofficial08.01.2019 00:05:01

That's a sick shot! :)

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