Photo of the Day: To walk up or not to walk up? #GoProFamily member @joshidaniel found color at Pondicherry Lighthouse, built in 1836.
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Brandon (@bran_din0_)
bran_din0_10.07.2019 21:57:32

Lets take a moment to appreciate the beard. Good job man!!

Patrik Myhre (@pjmyhre)
pjmyhre10.07.2019 20:57:56

Really cool how you got the angle straight up🤩👊👌

Brodie Smith (@brodiesmith21)
brodiesmith2110.07.2019 20:56:24

That would be a sick wall ride shot

Candace DuffyJones (@cduffyjones)
cduffyjones10.07.2019 23:20:31

Looks somewhat like a MC Escher drawing.

Andrea Bizzetti ✖️ GoPro (@bizzo__14)
bizzo__1410.07.2019 21:05:43

The perspective is crazy man 🔥

Richard Blake Cresswell (@richard_ofthe_cresswells)
richard_ofthe_cresswells10.07.2019 21:06:04

I’m going white water rafting in a couple weeks and I’m bringing my hero 7 black. Any suggestions on what I should set my settings to?

Jack Murray (@theofficialjackmurray)
theofficialjackmurray10.07.2019 21:39:06

My question is are you walking up or down those stairs 🤔 (@ico_photography)
ico_photography11.07.2019 01:55:05

Amazing symmetry

Mike Scott 🇬🇧 (@mikedkscott)
mikedkscott11.07.2019 10:37:46

Wowza! Strong picture and even stronger beard 😁

Brooks (@brooksssssssssss)
brooksssssssssss10.07.2019 21:37:57

Where is this ?

Ali Zaheer (@aliizaheer)
aliizaheer11.07.2019 02:24:41


luciano_arruga11.07.2019 02:02:06


Romain Souyri (@mr_quatorze)
mr_quatorze10.07.2019 21:09:04

Awesome 🔥

Oskari Salo | 📸 | 🎥 (@vilioskarieeronpoika)
vilioskarieeronpoika10.07.2019 21:03:42

Amazing 🔥🔥

cadanoias10.07.2019 21:01:26


ilight (
ilight.photography10.07.2019 21:00:49


F  R  E  E  L  I  F  E (@_.akash_____)
_.akash_____10.07.2019 21:08:12


Akshay Periyadan (@the.lazy.eye_)
the.lazy.eye_10.07.2019 21:00:11


Siddharth Narayan Aditya (@addi9_0)
addi9_011.07.2019 08:02:00


Jackie Kido (@jacks9696)
jacks969610.07.2019 21:00:04

Such an incredibly powerful capture🔥🔥🔥 @gopro 

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